Most Popular Holi Songs from Hindi movies in 2015


Today, I wish to prepare list of Most popular Holi Songs from Hindi movies. Festival of Holi and its celebration are always eagerly awaited in India. Indian Bollywood films never step back in recreating the festive mood. Holi festival is one of that. Hindi Cinema has created immensely popular Hindi Holi songs, which overcome popularity of all latest Hindi songs at the time of Holi. Bollywood Holi songs are pictured in such manner, people can dance and enjoy with their families and friends on its tune.

How is Holi celebrated in India in 2015?

Apart from the playing and dancing on the most popular Holi songs from Hindi movies, there are lot many special Holi recipes prepared at home of Indians. Bhaang and Thandai are one amongst it. Hindi movie songs have specialised in creating romance after having Bhaang. People call up for DJ at a particular venue, arrangements are made for Bhaang, special sweet recipes of Holi and other food with lots of Gulal and colors. These days markets are full with organic colors, which are not harmful to skin. Natural colors are also available, which are extracts of vegetables. White is the color for dress code of celebrating Holi festival in India. You can download free online videos of Holi Songs and enjoy the moments of Holi. There are many legal online sites for holi songs free download. Also try for online holi song dj mix for download to create your own list of Holi songs on the day of Holi. You can apply coconut oil all over the body and skin to be safe from harmful effects of colors of Holi. Celebration of Holi from some leading Bollywood families are well known across India such RK studio, Yash Chopra House. Same is the case with corporate houses, which floods the other day newspapers on celebration of Holi.

deepika-padukone-in-balam-pichkari- holi song

Significance of celebration of Holi

Significance of Holi is linked with love and bonding between Radha Krishna. Krishna is known for his leela and playfulness. He used to play Raas with his Gopis in Vrindavan and celebrated life with colors, music of flute and dance, which used to be basically Garba. Krishna has given the real essence of life, celebrate life and live your purpose. Celebration of Holi becomes significant with purpose of life and why a human life should be purposeful with happiness from within. How a bonding between two humans can be above the level of any relationship and how it can be celebrated? This is the reason, holi is immensely celebrated across India and it is not banned anywhere, including temples, ashrams, cultural sects and all religions.


Most Popular Holi Song List from Latest Hindi Movies

The most popular song of Holi from past few years is Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra starer, from the movie Waqt.

The latest addition for Holi songs can be Lahoo Muh Lag Gaya – Holi song from the movie Ram Leela, where Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are shown enjoying colors of Holi with romance and Gujarati Garba.

If you wish to feel the romance Hindi movie songs have then enjoy the songs by clicking on the link.

Lyrics of Lahoo Muh Lag Gaya

Lahu Muh lag gaya

Soya tha nas nas mein kab ye jag gaya

lahu muh lag gaya

Labho ke chune se

khwabo ke kone se

labh se labh se labh se

lahu muh lag gaya

bhatak rahi hai aaj ye malang lang lang lang

Lahu muh lag gaya was immensely popular during Navratri and now going to rock Holi 2015 too.

Deepika Padukone has strong connection to latest Holi songs of Hindi movies.

list of Kishore songs are no less than the real depiction of love, romance and happiness in Hindi old songs.

Her another song, which is a super duper hit is with her ex beau Ranbir Kapoor

“Balam pichkari jo tune muje maari to

sidhi saadi chhori sharabi ho gai

jeans pahen k jo tune maara thumka to

lattu padoshan ki bhabhi ho gai


Lyrics of Let’s play Holi

Do me a favor, let’s play Holi

  • Do me a favour let’s play holi, Rango me hai pyar ki boli, Ho mere pichhe pichhe pichhe kyon aaye, Mera jiya jiya kyon dhadkaye, Ja re ja dont touch my choli Uff ye holi hai ye holi Hey do me a favour let’s play holi, Uff ye holi hai yeh holi Rango me hai pyar ki boli Uff ye holi hai yeh holi Do me a favor let’s play holi, Neela peela lal gulaal Uspe tere gore gal Kali kali aankho wali Mast mast hai teri chal, Hai bahana holi ka Paas aana chahe tu Chand se mere chehre pe Rang lagana chahe tu Oh holi hai aani jaani Tere dil me hai beimani Mai nahi hu itni bholi Uff ye holi hai ye holi Uff ye holi hai ye holi Do me a favor let’s play holi


  • Ang se Ang Lagana sajan Hamein Aise Rang Lagana From Darr


  • Holi Khelein Raghuveera Avadh Mein Holi Khele Raghuveera from Baghbaan

#The most popular Old hindi movie Holi songs

  • Holi Ke din dil mil jaate hai rango mein rang khil jaate hain

This song and the movie Sholay has created enough records. When you think of the songs list of Holi, you will automatically start singing this song.

  • Rang Barse Bhige Chunarwali Rang Barse

The song picturised on Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Rekha showed the attraction, love and romance attributing with the song of Holi from the Hindi movie Silsila.

  • Mal de Gulal Mohe, Aayi Holi Aayi Re

Love and romance between a husband wife on the first Holi after marriage is very well picturised on Jaya Prada and Rakesh Roshan. In India, first Holi after the marriage holds prime importance and there is lots of importance of applying color of love on your spouse on the day of Holi.

  • Aaj Na chhodenge bas Hamjoli Khelenge ham Holi

Holi Song from the movie Kati Patang, which shows the immense triumph to celebrate Holi.

There is a long list of popular Holi songs of Hindi movies from the movies Mother India, Mashaal, Navrang, Zakhmi and many more. All you need is just select the Holi songs from the Hindi movies online for free download and just download this lovely Holi songs to make your celebration of Holi special. Holi songs are specially celebrated in Bhojpuri movies too. You can have a sneak peek of the Bhojpuri songs for Holi and enjoy this top 10 holi songs.




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