What Is The Meaning Of Valentine Day


What Is The Meaning Of Valentine Day? A question, which bothered me throughout the adolescence. Read through my friends real life story to know more.

While driving through the busy roads of Delhi, it was just another day for me when I was returning back home. Somewhere silhouetted in city dust under their rugged blanket, I noticed an old couple holding each other under a flyover bridge.

There was something unusual about that couple which impinged my mind. While slowly taking my car near the sidewalk, I impatiently parked the car and walked through the road to see the couple.

What Is The Meaning Of Valentine Day

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It was chilling winter and evening dust had made the surrounding fog. As I approached towards that couple I could notice the sparkle in their eyes. The old man was insisting his wife “my princess you first” and his old wife in her shivering voice was saying “you first”. And then I suddenly noticed a piece of bread in the old man’s hand. He was trying to feed his wife who has been hungry for past three days. I was left dumbstruck and couldn’t utter a single word. What a pure love between them. There couldn’t be more pure love than this.

On my way back home, while driving, I noticed, it was 14th February and I need to take my love to dinner date. I chose to book the table for the night. After all, it’s been more than a month that we had even a nice long chat. In the evening I got her favorite dress back from the shop on my way to the restaurant.

When I reached the table, she was already there. Her eyes said it all. When I gave the gift box, she was taken by surprise. What she said is she didn’t want that gift, instead she would love to get more of my time. And I don’t know why, but suddenly that road side old couple image started flashing in front of my eyes.

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I don’t know what made me think of that couple, but I was totally immersed in that memory.

Something inspired me next from that couple was and I just kissed her passionately. The sparkle in her eyes said it all. It made me think about the importance of love and what it takes to maintain a relationship. I realized that more than any other gift, spending time with your loved one is the best gift you can ever offer.

When I reached back home, there was a sense of satisfaction in my heart that I could enrich my relation. The night brought a full moon, the sky and I was all over her. She was with me and I was all with her.

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Valentine day brought a sense of true relation to me. Probably from now on, every night, a valentine night for her is what I decided to offer her, making this relationship better.

What Is The Meaning Of Valentine Day? For me love is nothing but selfless care, emotions and feelings for the person, whom you love.

Saint Valentine, thanks for bringing this day for celebration. I was inspired to search on how Valentine’s day came into practice and why people are remembering it as Valentine’s day?- history of valentine’s day.

history of valentine's day images                Background of Valentine’s day images

Most of the people are aware that Valentine’s day is observed on 14th of February in remembrance of Saint Valentine and their are many other stories associated with its celebrations. It is said that he was imprisoned to get soldiers of the war married, who were not allowed to marry. This can be considered as true or real history of valentine day. There are many such stories related to origin of Valentine’s day.

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How Valentine’s day is celebrated?

Roses are considered as symbol of love, so red roses are offered to the one whom you love, greeting card expressing love along with chocolates or chocolate cakes and pastries are gifted as symbol of love. As a symbolism of love, saint Valentine’s keys are offered to the lovers to open the heart of the one they love with the key. In today’s world a red heart, winged cupid or pair of doves are considered as symbol of love.

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So now that we know the answer to What Is The Meaning Of Valentine Day? Can we think of a change in the system of love?


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