This easy nail art designs and techniques are fascinating me and inspiring to practice new nail arts regularly. Since this nail art world is so colorful and appealing that I tend to spend hours searching and practicing new Nail art techniques. Nail art designs can be separated in many segments and color schemes. French manicure is also a form of nail colors done in different styles. Earlier it was restricted only up to pink and white french manicure, but now black and gray, blue and light blue red and black are taking places of basic color combination of french manicure. So let us take a look at different forms of Nail art for beginners.

List of Easy Nail Art designs for beginners

Let us start over journey on easy nail art design pattern

at home creations in some unique and different ways. You are going to love the  outcome.

Marble Nail Art designs.

It can be done with huge number of color combinations with as many patterns available in the marble stone. You can make your own patterns. All you need for marble Nail art design is water, cello tape and different nail colors with some patience.

marble nail art designs

Polka dot Nail Art design

This is the most easy method of nail art designs and you can create N number of varieties. Even if you make some minor mistake it is possible to conceal or take it just as a piece of art. Polka Dot Nail Art Designs looks really cute with different easy nail art styles.


Photo Nail art designs

I really loved this form of nail art. Here you need to select the best pic you like. If you wish to see your boyfriend all the time then take his picture for the nail art. But all you need is specialized printer for nail art designs and you have to visit a Nail art designer or Nail art saloon for this particular Photo nail art.

photo print nail art

3D nail art design

All you need is attractive nail accessories. You can have all bling glitters or bow or go for diamonds. You have to be very careful, when you are having 3D nail art designs on your nails. It can be specially done for some occasion.

3d-nail art

Animal Print Nail Art Designs

Want to look hot then this is the best option for you. This nail art does not only electrify your look but gives you very appealing nails, who are bound to attract all attention. Such nail art stickers are easily available in the market and you can go for it. Among the animal print nail art designs, zebra, leopard and cheetah print nail art designs are highly popular.


Newspaper Nail Art designs

Alcohol, base color, News paper and some water with patience and practice is needed for News paper nail art designs. It looks a kind of official and attention grabbing one. Who would not love to debug, what is written on your nails? Newspaper nail art step by step tutorial is soon planned. You can easily create newspaper nail art with water. Newspaper nail art is also suitable and good for easy nail art designs for short nails.

newspaper nail art

Caviar Nail art designs

Minute beads with a base coat and glue and above that a coat of transparent nail color will create a wonderful look for your nails and make you and your hands stand out in all the rush. I would call this one among the best technique for easy nail art designs. You can easily get caviar nail art set from local market or online store.

caviar nail art designs

Sponge nail art for beginners

How to do sponge nail art for beginners?

Two different nail colors and a piece of sponge. Spread a small amount of nail colors back to back. Slightly mix it with a spatula or sharp tip. Dab sponge on it and press it on your nails. For fresh finish clean extra paint with nail polish remover and apply final coat of transparent nail polish and you are ready for the look. You can also create gradient nail art designs with this technique. Sponge nail art steps is comparatively easy and interesting, if you maintain enough precision.

sponge nail art techniques

Matte and shiny nail art pattern designs

Even if you don’t do much on this just apply the layer of matte nail color and put some dot or lines of shiny nail color over it and you are ready. Matt and Shiny nail art pattern in itself is so interesting that you don’t need to put extra efforts in it.


Color block two toned funky french nail art

The combination of bold colors will create wonders. Just select the right colors and keep the distribution as per french manicure pattern and you are done. Color block nail art tutorial for how to do color block nail art designs will be put up soon with many new color block nail art ideas.

color block nail art


So, now that we have listed out a detailed list of easy nail art designs for beginners with some step by step tutorials, you are all set to rock the world of fashion in your own stylish way.



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