When you are looking for Different Ideas To Celebrate Christmas With Family, it is clear that you wish to create a bond and loving atmosphere in the family. It is very much the right time to start inculcating family values among kids. What can be the best time than festivals. Let us directly get into our topic and seek out for some best ideas to celebrate Christmas with Family.

Different Ideas To Celebrate Christmas With Family

We can consider different scenarios of a family to get a healthy and festive day. Let us wake up and make this Christmas the best way to communicate humanity. We are here giving some ideas with humanly touch to mold good citizens of tomorrow.

  1. How about planning a story telling time.

You can gather your kids and kids from your extended family, friends of kids and arrange a story telling session. Let the grand parents take hold of the situation, as no one other than grand parents can provide cozy environment. Prepare some lovely dishes for the kids. Arrange for blankets, hot chocolate, coffee, light some candles and sit along with kids to listen to the stories of Jesus.

fun ways to celebrate Christmas with friends

2. Create a nativity scene

Once they are very well versed with story of Jesus, you will see a kind of enthusiasm in kids to create the nativity scene. Ask all the kids to think on some creative ideas to make the most creative nativity scene. The one whose idea is the most unique for the nativity scene will get the prize and he will be the team lead in creating the nativity scene. Though this is the traditional way of celebrating Christmas with family, but it can be made innovative by adding creative touch.

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3. Giving Back

Always make a point to teach your children, to be thankful for whatever they get. Make them aware of the fact that there are people on the earth, who hardly receive the basics of life. Take a call that, “we all as a family will make a small contribution to bring light in others life”. Let them donate a small amount from their pocket money or piggy banks. Take their help to prepare food packets or buying clothes. Take them together to give it to the needy. For me, this is the best idea to celebrate Christmas with family.

4. Gift for kids and parents

Whenever you buy gift for your kids, never forget to do it for your parents as well. Always make a point on never over doing it. If you are purchasing gift for your kids, explain the idea behind the Christmas gifts. The three gifts received by Jesus and the idea of need, want and spiritual belief. Make your kids to give gifts to grand parents as a gesture of Thanks. This way of celebrating Christmas with family can bring bonding in the family.

5. Attend the midnight mass.

Sometimes, it is very much enjoyable to move out with Children late night. What better it can be then a midnight mass. Children may sleep, but they would love the idea of being out at late night. Have some late night munching of food or hot drink.

6. Decorate House

Since you have involved kids in so many tasks, now is the time to give them a break. Decorate your complete home in the beautiful red, green and white theme. They will be happily surprised to see the well decorated home. You will witness them running from one corner to another corner to have a look at the decorations.

different ideas to celebrate Christmas with family

7. Just two of you

So enough have we thought of children, but its time for just two of you. A tight hug is always there but moving out in chilling winter for a long drive with mother of your kids, your girlfriend or beloved is real time of life. Watch out together, all Christmas decoration and fill the love in the air.

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8. Fun Things to Do on Christmas

Since we have always kept fun in center of every festival, we define. So how about a photo shoot session. You can collect all the funny props. Ask all to pose in the most funny way in front of the camera. The overall scenario is going to be much, much fun. The most usual but a fun way to celebrate Christmas with friends and family.

9. Play the Christmas games

There are many Christmas games. Decorating Christmas tree, naming the Santa and many more. Select few of them and enjoy with family.

10. Almost towards the end of different ideas to celebrate Christmas with family. Let us keep this block for visitors, the best idea to celebrate Christmas will win a prize.

With such an awesome different ideas to Celebrate Christmas with family, which is your pick?


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