Tips on running for beginners is very much necessary. When we say, beginners, it is always good to spare some time in preparation.

Everybody wants to be fit, but only some people work to be in a good shape. For starters, who want to be fit it’s always a bafflement at where and how to start. For such folks running is the appropriate exercise to start with. Here is a list of things for you to look over if you are planning to take the road to be fit.

Tips on Running for Beginners

Tips on Running for Beginners

1. Gear up:

Once you have decided to run the first investment are the shoes. There is no such thing as perfect shoes. Just find one that fits your feet and start running. Investing a lot of money and a lot of time in picking a shoe is unnecessary, but a good quality is very much necessary.

You may also need a T-shirt and shorts or tracks depending on your mind. That’s all the gear you need for running. You may sometimes be overwhelmed and wish to buy some more gears that are probably not needed, it is better to refrain from that feel and start the practice with the basic gear.

2. Set Your Goal:

It’s not possible for any beginner to run a long distance. Increase your distance gradually and set a goal to be achieved every day.  You can increase the distance by just five or ten minutes every day depending upon your capacity.

You should always have variation in exercise. For some days you need to work out in different patterns. If you wish to have your own affordable Home Gym under $100 then go through this article.

3. The venue does matter:

Running in same place might be boring and it’s not wise to choose a place which is uneven. Choose different locations to run every day and different routes which may refresh your mind.

4. Pick a Gang:

For some people, running solo might help, but in most cases, it’s advised to find a group of people and run with them. Running in a group may push you to reach at least the goal set by you. Running with a group of people  will motivate you at times when you don’t feel like moving out of your place. One might also get lots of tips on running for beginners when you run with a gang.

5. Short is SweetTips on Running for Beginners

Always start with short distance run. Allow your body to adapt to the new. Follow your natural body clock. If your body messages you to stop take a break.

6. Moderate Run in Beginning

Start out in a moderate fashion. If you start with fast running, your body has to pay price for it. Your muscles need proper conditioning. Run a day – rest a day to prepare your body relax and recover.

7. Short step running practice

It is natural that anyone will find an urge to run like a cheetah when you are a beginner, but in order to sustain you have to bring your body in the mood by taking baby steps.

Some Myths to avoid about running:

Always have sports drinks to stay hydrated– If your total running time is less than one hour then just water is enough.

Running is injurious to knee– Running does not damage your knees

Stretch before running- It does not provide any benefits many studies have proven that.

You have to run every day– Your schedule can differ. You can even run for three days a week.

Stay Motivated:

You might feel lazy some days, but do not give up on running. Make it a habit which you cannot avoid. Do not follow every idea that people give you. There are many websites that offer tips on running for beginners pick any one and follow it. Just keep in mind that this is going to keep you fit and start running.

Bottom line:

Tips on running for beginners are just some ideas to keep your head in the game of running and help you to stay in good shape. I believe these ideas might help a newbie to start up this healthy habit of running and make it a routine in life. Keep running and stay fit.


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