A Detailed Guide On How To Celebrate Diwali In 2015


If you are thinking on how to celebrate Diwali in 2015, then we are here presenting a complete detailed guide on celebrations on Diwali in the most traditional way.

The countdown for Diwali 2015 has begun now. The story behind the celebration of Diwali festival is returning of Lord Ram to Ayodhya, after having a triumphant victory against Ravana, the victory of good over the evil. Diwali is celebrated across India and the rest of the world with great zeal.

Dates of Diwali

The date of Diwali will be on the 11th November, 2015. Lanterns for Diwali, candles and firecrackers have always been the center of attraction, when we talk of Diwali. In Gujarat, Deepavali is celebrated for 5 days, which starts from Ekadasi, 19th October, 2014. From this day, we start designing special Rangoli outside our home or in the verandah.

how to celebrate diwali in a different way

How to celebrate Diwali festival?

Then comes Waagh Baaras, 8th November, 2015. On this day, we prepare specific Rangoli of Tiger in the jungle.

The third day is Dhan Teras, 9th November, 2015. This day is considered very auspicious and remarkable in celebration of Deepavali. We prepare Rangoli of Kalash or Money notes or the cow, which is considered holy as per Hinduism. There is a grand Puja of Dhan, money or Lakshmi at home. People in India, purchase a big quantity of Gold on this day. Dhan Teras is also called as Chhoti Diwali in some parts of India.

The fourth day is Kaali Chaudas, 10th November, 2015. This is a very big day for practitioners of black magic, tantrik Vidhya or even Siddha Vidhya. Females and children are abstained to move out of home to stay prevented from evil powers.

how to celebrate diwali in a different way

The fifth day, Amavasya is finally Diwali, 11th November, 2015. Diwali the biggest Hindu festival is celebrated with lots of lights and happiness. It is considered as festivals of light. We do Lakshmi Pujan, muhurat (starting to work) with Lakshmi Pujan and lots of firecrackers, sweets and family and friends gathering on this day. No one sleeps for the Whole night of Diwali. Crackers firing and preparations of garlands and Rangoli is carried out for the whole night.

How to celebrate Diwali in Office?

Business houses perform mid night Pujas in Sinh Laxmi Muhurat. It could be a simple Puja with office staff and serving of sweets and gift distribution to mark the occasion and inviting employees to come in traditional dresses.

The next day of Diwali is followed by Hindu New Year, 12th November, 2015. Kartik Sud Ekam is the first day as per Hindu Calender of Vikram Samvat and New Year of Gujaratis.

Our New Year begins with Puja and taking blessings from elders in the morning, visiting their places and at night with friends.

diwali 2014

The next day 25th October, 2014 is Bhai Duj, where sisters perform Puja of their brothers and in the case of married sisters, they invite their brother to her residence for lunch or dinner, followed by Puja.

There is a complete mood change and shifting to happiness mode is generally among people. Ladies opt for lots and lots of shopping. Shopping for home decorations, self beautification, clothes and what not. Lighting of diyas and candles and firing crackers change the people and live positively.

diwali 2014

How to celebrate Diwali in a different way?

In all these verges of happiness, let us not forget some people, who earn to feed themselves on a daily basis. Let us bring a smile on their faces too. We do so much of endless shopping, but can we give one or two pair of new clothes to the child of any person, who can’t afford it? Just have a look at the face of the entire family and your heart will be full.

I am observing that staying in the city such as Surat, city of hopes and earning, we see the streets flooded with people from different cities gushing in to sell their products. Some are selling Rajasthan art or some are selling candles, diyas and Rangolis, some have come up with fancy clothes and purses, but what I am observing is all have come with a hope to light up Diwali of their family. The way, we are shopping and enjoying our time, a little money from us can bring Diwali to their house. It’s a request to all readers, not to bargain, so much that they give to you with heavy hearts.

Let us lighten Diwali of one family. Let us help them celebrate this Diwali in 2015.

Happy Diwali 2015 to all and wish everyone to have a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.




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