Real Love Story From India – We were bound to focus on this love story. Do read it to know more about it.

It is just a year, I met her. It was nothing special in our meeting. Only thing, which made me remember her was the positivity that touched me. Year later, I am seeing myself as her great admirer. Remembering her, reminds me of a special saying of Indian culture that you have to dissolve your identity to make someone yours. Yes, she is the one, who did it. She did it in a modern yet positive approach. This is a real love story from India of a girl, who is highly educated and a guy, who is barely educated. It would be great to read it in her own words.

Real Love Story From India

Fitness was always a concern to me, although I was a hell lot of obese then. I had joined an evening Zumba class (Oh, there’s nothing like Zumba in India, they would end up doing Bollywood numbers). I thought to join Aerobics or Dance too in the morning, for boosting up my weight loss.

One Sunday, I read an advert in Newspaper with an exceptional offer. It was about Aerobics and Dance Classes. The fee was reasonable. (We Suratis tend to spend like a King on food and clothing / anything to show-off, but suddenly realize our poverty, while it comes to spend on health in terms of exercise especially).

I called up their number – “Hello, Akshay Sir?” Yes! “Sir, I saw your advert and wanted to come for a trial”. Sure, you can. Did you check our address in the advert? “Yes, I did. But, I don’t really know if I can still find it.” Don’t worry, call me up where-ever you get stuck. I will come there to fetch you. – This was his first impression and I was like, wow. He seemed so courteous! So chivalrous! 🙂

I went there on the following morning and was able to locate his classes finally. The music was damn boring. There were lot of students and I couldn’t really make out who was Akshay Sir. I finally found an instructor whose dressing was not one that I’ve had ever seen before. He didn’t look like an owner; neither did he appear as a typical local guy.

Whatever! He was staring at me through the mirror, while I was working out. It felt awkward at first as I was not used to of receiving attention. But, I felt it good then, that he was watching my movements and felt great when he used to encourage me. No wonder, I became his favorite student by Day 1 as I was able to do most reps and counts with all the exercises that he had for me, without uttering a single excuse for not doing it.

real love story from India

                Real love story from India

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I was in my periods by third day, so called him up to say, I won’t be able to make to class because of it. He said okay. (I never knew then that he was not familiar with English at all) I went for about 2 or 3 classes thereafter, did my workout nice, spoke to him less and only related to body movements. He was just another person to me.

However, this particular day, I took time off my work and instead of going to my other aerobics class in the evening; I headed to his class seeking his advice, if I should be joining aerobics or are they going to begin dance sessions. He couldn’t hide it from expressing on how happy he was to see me. I too felt the same immediately. That was when the spark ignited. I couldn’t really get it clearly; neither was able to understand of why he was staring me with such love. I hardly knew anything about him. My biggest challenge was to identify which were lies and truth, before I get into any relationship with him. He had a constant habit of lying, no matter what. I could understand, he was afraid for many reasons, thus, would never want to reveal himself – His real side.

He never believed that we could be together (our huge differences), yet he badly wanted it to happen. He knew he wanted it, yet he always kept such situations to keep me away, so that I too would leave him, just the way as it happens. He tortured me in his own way, to test me. And I tested him by patiently getting through all of his tests and most of all, by trusting him the most when he was habituated of lying on face.

Three days from when the love struck – 29th Nov. 2013. Though, it was just a mere confession to each other, we were still exploring each other. Gradually, we did actually get so close as to hold on to each other forever.

The toughest part – His family was not so well-doing, financially. I had offered him my salary, emptied my bank accounts for his family. They didn’t know it. I could spend only on petrol and gave rest to him as well as all my food to him too. I never trusted him while doing all this, yet, something inside me wanted to test him to see that to which extent he can cheat me. But he never did it. He did it for his family, who sadly never understood him. For them, he was like an eldest child with no brains – more complexities and mostly not fulfilling his responsibilities of getting in some hard-earned money.

He had a terrible hard luck. He would put in all his hard efforts at work, but his bosses would never offer him the promised amount, and sometimes, they didn’t even pay at all. He kept continuing to work, thinking that someday, he would be honored and shall be paid for all his efforts. Till date, he never received any such. Not even a kind apology for it.

My parents had their trying times understanding that I truly loved him and despite of all his flaws and situation, wished to spend my life with him. No families or parents would want to marry their daughter to a guy, who is barely educated with no consistent earning. But somewhere I had a faith, that I will manage it and that I shall take care of him.

My mother begged me to give up on him and but I couldn’t.

There were such circumstances that his entire family had to relocate to their hometown. He stayed back. My mother offered us a home; few things to begin with, helped us by opening up a class for him. She also had us marry each other through Arya Samaj.

I tested him every time, the way he tested me. We knew that we loved each other to eternity. I’d let go of my doubts for I loved him more than anything. The more I explored him, the more he seemed awful (might have been the same for him too), yet I continued loving him and so did he. Nobody is perfect and I was appreciating it for who he was in real.
So far, he has changed from within after I started educating him. Made him join computer classes, karate classes and now acting too. Give him Hindi news-paper to make his language better, gave him my laptop to get used to machines, discussed expenditures and earnings with him to understand the importance of money.

When I met him first, he was like a newly born wild kid abandoned by his own family. Now, he’s my man who continues to love me more than anything. He still loves his family and me at same places.

He has successfully established himself as a fitness instructor and his new learning is opening new doors for him. I am working and pursuing my further education too. I don’t know really – who is the hero of the story. Actually, both of us are heroes because without each other, nothing of this would ever have been possible. It is that strong desire when you want to be with someone, when you love someone so much that you can just do anything. Being together, we had overcome our tough times and are happiest couple prepared to get through any hardships and difficulties in our lifetime.

This is the real love story from India of my very good friend. I thought, it could be an infatuation or a wrong decision, but after knowing her, I know she can come up with all flying colors. She can plant the lovely flowers of successful married life and love.

Going once again through this real love story from India I feel that the plans of almighty are much deeper than what we humans can plan or think. After 4 years of marriage both these people are really happily married with their cute little girl child.




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