Is it the time, you are missing your good old days and wish to live it again? Or may I ask it in a better manner that is there any thought of a high school reunion planning in your mind? I have marked one thing that people are very fond of school reunions. When you are leading a particular life, such as school, college, job or business, you always fail to proceed further. Means, when we are in school, we wish to go to the college. When we are in college, we want to prove ourselves a big man or woman and join job or business urgently. On the other hand, we always cherish or miss those days that are left behind.

The days we are in that particular vicinity, we find problems, we see negative sides. Lots of positive and negative emotions flow by. But with time, we grow up, both mentally and physically. We tend to accept the situations, that has passed by and try to see the positive aspect of that particular moment.

How you can plan the best time (High School Reunion) with friends?

Whatsapp has actually proved to be a boon for all of us. We all were scattered in all directions of life. WhatsApp got all of us together on one platform. We were chatting with each other regularly. If the thought of organizing a school reunion has struck you, then don’t look back. Just go ahead and form a group. Start finding your classmates numbers and ask others, who joins to add those who are in contact. In this way, you can have a virtual school or High school reunion.

high school reunion

High School Reunion Activites

Form a high school reunion planning group

Once again, WhatsApp came to our rescue. Form a high school reunion planning committee. Select a venue and start planning. Parties are now getting obsolete. Opt for organizing a picnic. Picnic for a high school reunion can actually help the classmates bind together. The biggest advantage is, it can avoid separate groupings and all can participate in the events.

Plan for a single vehicle to take you all together

It would be a great idea to hire a bus for a school reunion to even recall those school reunion picnic days. Remember the days, when you all used to play games on the bus. Turning and teasing your classmates. Sing songs and dance in the bus with your classmates.

Decide on a common meeting place

Before boarding on the bus, decide a particular place, where all will be collected. This way all the classmates will get the chance to have a glance of friends. Those who have completely forgotten the faces can recall the names and faces and have total fun at the play

Venue for high school reunion

Select a venue such as some river side or some small place, where all can feel a feeling of togetherness and not being CEO of some company or a place where some of the classmate will feel uncomfortable. I would not suggest going to a water park or some noisy place. Your classmates will be involved in rides and you will miss the fun of being together.

Food for high school reunion

Book for some good breakfast, lunch and dinner. If the place is accommodating some restaurant then it is very good and if not you can pre-order some food at a good restaurant. Keep a point to order it and finalizing before leaving. Just for fun, you can keep those childhood snacks that you people carried in your lunch boxes in the breakfast or brunch.

Games for high school reunion

This time, you have to be careful. Selection of games should be such that some of your shy classmates can also participate in that. Never select a game or punishment, that can hurt anyone’s sentiment. Games such as housie, passing the parcel, though very kidzy are still fun to play.

Finally, when you are done with the whole day high school reunion picnic, still you will find some energy to have some nagging, shouting, screaming and howling time in the bus, while returning. Your old buddies, your classmates are always the best memories of your life and you should leave no chance to miss it out.








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