True Love Story – Today, we are featuring a true love story. Some love stories in real life are far interesting and unbelievable compared to the one, we see on silver screen in Hindi.

My first step on the land of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi – Why ? That is a question I would never get an answer to ! Have you ever been somewhere where things didn’t feel quite right ? Perhaps you had a vague sense of unease or a growing discomfort about being there, like if you were at a party with the wrong crowd. I know this feeling, very well. Alone in an alien world ! Who knew that a desert land will be the place for a true love story.

true love story for valentines day

But I had to be there for my family, their needs, their happiness, for them. Certainly, my experience in Abu Dhabi at my work and at the place I lived with people whom I had no friendly relation with a vast difference from what I had experienced in the browns of the city of Surat, where I had grown up. It were the browns of dirt and dust and prevalent wooden architecture in every structure and they told me a comforting tale of a happy childhood, a close knit family, and a closely bound community, where everyone knew everybody. Slowly and steadily situation changed. Alien became friends, desert became my home, job became interesting. Friends – yes, they were the source of happiness which I was starving since a long time. We ate together, went out to see the beautiful and exotic sights together, had fun at beaches together, and went for movies together.

true love story in hindi

A True Love Story in Real Life Begins here

A contented bachelor life, working for my middle class family far away from me. I got used to the feeling of missing them. Still, I missed them ! Sometimes, I just wanted to leave everything and run, run away from my responsibilities. All I wanted to see was their smiling faces. I missed everything about them until I met her ! Not knowing that she will become my life. My family. My wife !

true love story in hindi for valentine day

A Real Love Story – Finding Perfection Through Imperfections

We met on the staircase of my apartment knocking into each other. A simple apology led to late night talks. Talking turned into plans to meet up again . And introducing her to others, my colleagues, my friends, my roommates, my family ! Gradually she became a part of me. I completely forgot my loneliness instead I basked in the glow of being able to refer to Abu Dhabi as home and all because, I had met her. She showed me the warmth in the white metal – Abu Dhabi. And she showed me the family, the friends, and the community I had missed. She made the alien world, my home and I was overjoyed that I was indeed meant for the future that I had always hoped and dreamt, I would be. Home, at last ! The first step and could be the last. In Abu Dhabi ! Abu Dhabi gave identity to my existence by making me meet my wife and completing my love story.

true love story in hindi

Now, when I look back at the past. I thank God for sending me through so many difficulties. If it would not be there I had have not met her. The first step on the land of AbuDhabi will always hold a vibrant part in my life. Now all I want is to take her in the brown lanes, the wooden architecture and take her to the past and tell her all the comforting tales I had experienced here. Hand in hand we walk ! And yet the last step has to come ! Beautiful as the first one. A true love story which blossomed in the desert.



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