All About Donald Trump You Need To Know – A rich business man, father of five children, marriage and divorce history of Donald Trump. Here is everything about him.

Donald Trump, the world knows him as the candidate of Presidential Election of United States of America. He is providing strong competition to Hillary Clinton. Above all, he is gaining popularity by his comments in the media. The stir that he has created by his rather negative remarks has led to the curiosity of the people.

all about donald trump and his wife melanie trump

How old is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump age : 70 Years

Donald Trump’s birthday: 14th June, 1946

Oh, people wish to know everything about him. This shows how popular Donald Trump.

How many kids does Donald Trump Have?

Donald Trump Son : 3 sons and Donald Trump’s daughter: 2 daughters.

Donald Trump kids and kids names and age are as follows:

Donald Trump is proud father of 5 kids.

Donald Trump jr : Age 38

Ivanka Trump: Age 34

Eric Trump: Age 32

Tiffany Trump : Age 22

Barron Trump: Age 10

Donald Trump Spouse

How many times has Donald Trump been married?

Donald Trump has been married for three times. His present family consists of his present wife, 5 children and 8 grand children.

Donald Trump Wife: Ivana Trump (1977 – 1992).

His three elder children Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump are from his first wife Ivana Trump.

Donald Trump’s second wife is Marla Maples. She is a TV actress and fashion personality. They got married in 1993 and separated in 1999. ¬†Tiffany Trump is the only child from Marla Maples and Donald Trump’s marriage.

Donald Trump’s current wife is Melanie Trump, married in 2005. They both have a 10 year old son, Barron Trump.

So this is all about Donald Trump’s family, his wives, his children and grand children.

Where did Donald Trump go to college?

Donald Trump Education started in the Kew Forest school. He left the school at the age of 13 because of behavioral issues. He then completed his high school from New York Military Academy.

Donald Trump College years have also passed through various universities. He first took admission in Fordham University, where he spent initial two years of his college life.

Trump then joined Wharton School of Finance and Commerce

This is all about Donald Trump Education and answer to the question Did Donald Trump go to the College.

How did Donald Trump Make his money?

Donald Trump is a celebrity Businessmen in the US of America. Now that he is contesting for Presidential election people wishes to know, How did Donald Trump make his money?

What is Donald Trump Worth?

In 2007, Donald Trump net worth was $2.7 billion as per Forbes survey.

Though he is politically publicizing himself as self made, his success is said to have happened because of his father inheritance and support of US Federal government.

How many employees does Donald Trump have?


Donald Trump organisations are having at least 34000 employees. He is owner of real estate business as well as casinos, Golf courses and hotels.

I don’t know why but people need to know about Donald Trump’s height and weight. It’s a question for me that are people idealizing this business baron?

So this one is the short wiki about Donald Trump. Till the result of US presidential Election, we will keep on updating everything about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.




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