Amarendra Baahubali, the epic character. The character that does not have any match. The macho, the sturdy, the smart, the different thinker, but an ardent lover. Above all a faithful lover, who truly, madly and deeply loves his love.

From the day Baahubali 2 – the conclusion is released Indian Cinema has turned upside down. Baahubali 2 release date 27th April, 2017. After 20 days, Baahubali worldwide collection has already crossed 1332 crores. In Hindi version Baahubali 2 has broken records of all Hindi movies and crossed collection of 462 crores. I would say Baahubali series has come as a bridge between South India and rest of India.

The love, fan following and admiration that Prabhas is getting across the world is proof of this.

Now, lets get back to Amarendra Baahubali and Why girls all over India wishes to have one like him.


Amarendra Baahubali – The most desirable man in India

    1. Prabhas, Prabhas and Prabhas. Number one reason is the character is portrayed by Prabhas. The tall, dark and handsome hunk from south of has blown out the madness score of the heroic character. Prabhas’s overall aura as Amarendra Baahubali proves that noone else could have ever suited the character than Prabhas. Prabhas 6’2″ height is complementing the larger than life character of Amarendra Baahubali. Girls Prabhas is still single!!!
    2. Show your skills and no positions. Amarendra Baahubali is prince of Mahesmati. One of the biggest territory, but when he falls for Devsena, he just wanted win her on his own virtue. No girl would ever appreciate a man just boasting about his background then his own qualities. Above all, to win Devsena, he preferred to stay in her kingdom as a dumb person. He got stuck by the bull, but still he persisted to win his lady love.
    3. A smart, skillfull man is any girls desire. Amarendra Baahubali is a rare personality, which any girl would fall for. His way of differently thinking and fighting with the opponents shows his wit and smartness. He is not just the King, but the great emperor. He respects elders and loves little ones. At times, he also winks to his female followings ;-). Thus dearer to everyone. He can leave his food for the kids and respect the elders by eating bits from them. Who would not love such great personality.

Image of Devsena and prabhas

    1. Your fight is mine. Amarendra Baahubali fought strongly for Devasena’s Kingdom, Kuntalpur and stood by her. Within a fraction of second, he taught her to shoot three arrows at a time, which she was trying hard to learn. A man, who gives his lady love a hand to hold her high is the one, who reigns forever in her heart.
    2. Respect, Respect and Respect. Win them all. Prabhas, the Baahubali did not allow Devsena’s brother and his wife to bow down, but hugged them. Every girl wants her man to accept her family like his own.
    1. He is mine. Now comes the epic scene when he took Devsena with him in the boat. It can be reminisce thousands of time. The moment Devsena missed climbing the boat. Without taking a second Prabhas jumped from the boat to support her. His first action was to stop her family. This is the point where it shows that he has taken her total responsibility now. AND the princess Devsena in all her pride walks through the shoulder of TO BE KING OF MAHESMATI. Thus proving all her authority on him.
    2. Left or Right, I am always by her side. After reaching Mahesmati and knowing about the misunderstanding, Amarendra strongly stood by Devasena’s side. There was no Indian film melodrama like my mother has selected you for my brother so I can’t marry you. He stood by her like a rock. Amarendra strongly told Shivgami Devi that every girl has a right to chose her own husband. This is what a real man is. He loved his mother like anything, but when it came to stand by his lady love’s truth, he did it. He never made her feel alone.

Baahubali Prabhas and Anushka Arrow shoot image

  1. No Melodrama Please. Without any issues or arguments he married her. Amarendra Baahubali sacrificed his position of King for his love and commitment. He is complete winner in game of love.
  2. Just Chop him off. Baahubali chopped off the head of Setupati, when he tried to disrespect his wife. He also stated that the head of the person, who disrespects woman should be chopped off. This scene is acclaimed all over India by woman viewers. At this moment, Amarendra didn’t wait for any verdict, but supported his wife and every female around. His anger when he saw his wife in handcuffs was clearly evident.
  3. Be a Mentor – Amarendra was not only a saviour, a warrior or a skillful man, but he was the one, who can inculcate bravery in any one. Be it the speech in the first Baahubali the beginning or be it speech given to Kumar Verma and making him stand strong for him.

So keep loving Baahubali. I wish I could see Amarendra Baahubali becoming King, understanding his hidden enemies and fighting with them with his wit and ultimately becoming the King. If S.S. Rajamouly sir happens to read this please make Baahubali 3 with this kind of plot. We all are dying to see man of our dreams as the King.