Annadata Sukhino Bhavantu, a sanskrit Sholka, meaning “May the provider of the food, I had, be happy and stay blessed”. From the day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi used this quote, after having lunch at Parliament canteen, it got highlighted. I was just delighted to find its meaning. It once again has the wider aspect of ancient Indian thoughts of expressing gratitude and wishing good for everyone. Ultimately, it is for purity of mind of the person, who uses it and for the person, for whom this shloka is used.

Once again, I remembered this Shloka, when my son’s school initiated raising of food balance for the farmers, who are committing suicide. I was very much touched and somewhere hurt by knowing that now we have to provide food to the one, who has been feeding us so far.

In Gujarati, I have many a times, read a term, “Jagat no Taat”, means father of the whole universe and this term was used for the farmers of our nation. It is really a painful thought to know that farmers of my nation are committing suicide. Such mass suicides are real matter of concern. What is leading them to commit suicide?

It is not one or two, but thousands of farmers are committing suicide in a year in India. With the initiation of Nana Patekar, raising funds and supplying to farmers. Asking them to contact him before committing suicide, Akshay Kumar helping farmers, Amitabh Bachchan giving fund to some farmer families, it was a repeated reminder to common people to stand for their very own food supplier.

Annadata Sukhino Bhavantu

As a nation, we can’t be always, relying on Narendra Modi to do everything and then blaming him for whatever is not happening here. With such huge population, even the common people’s contribution is required to raise issues and suggest solutions. Blaming and not helping is just like watching and enjoying things.

I respect my son’s school H.V. Swaminarayan, which is in a way taking an initiative to do whatever little they can. It is true that if someone holds a mission, there are many to help. When we reached school to give our contribution, we were informed that we have to delay dispatching the truck as parents are daily dropping in a real remarkable amount of food.

Annadata Sukhino Bhavantu

At this point, we could only say “Annadata Sukhino Bhavantu”. We pray for you and regularly making a point to pray for you (farmers) and your family to regain that years old golden harvest period. When you say this words, you convey your blessings to the farmers, who grow the food for you. You send blessings to the broker who brings it till your home and you send blessings to the one, who cooks for you. It may be your cook, your mother or your wife.

I am making it a point to pray every time, I put a bite of food in my mouth to pray and say, Annadata Sukhino Bhavantu for overall well being of “Jagat no taat” (farmers) and their families, my own self and the people, who are dealing in between for overall happiness and well being in my nation. Can we all implement this practice? Prayers can change the world and an attempt can change a lot. I shall never leave the optimism to listen this song for ages with realistic approach, “mere desh ki dharti sona ugle, ugle heere moti, mere desh ki dharti”. May Indian farmers, once again become that huge supplier of food, who can supply to whole world with best products.

Annadata Sukhino Bhavantu!!


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