Being not so keen on Bahubali movie, I happened to repeatedly find updates from friends about Bahubali movie. Kattapa, Bahubali ko Kyun maara has became a viral line on social media. Finally, we decided to go for the movie. Box Office Collection Report of Bahubali has already set records by getting an opening worth 50 crores and crossing 100 crore club in 3 days. Bahubali is the only Indian movie to get IMdb rating of 9.3.

Bahubali Movie Story

Good things and hard work should always be appreciated and as a part of it, I saw a sheer perfection in the film with great hard work. Each and every frame is handled and created like a painter’s dream. Bahubali Movie Story is all about good and evil. How good wins heart and how evil suppresses people? Prabhas and Rana Dagubatti both have worked hard for their roles, right from physical fitness to acting. It is not the review of Bahubali, but what I felt watching some great frames in the multiplex.

baahubali-tamanna                   Bahubali posters Tamanna Bhatia

I was so much impressed with the Bahubali waterfall beauty captured in the scenic way. Shots around the waterfall are major USP of the movie. My first action was to search whether this waterfall exists in India and to my surprise, yes, it is in India, in Kerala.

Bahubali is basically a Telugu movie where huge number of foreign technicians and cinematographers. S.S Rajamouli has taken 109 days just to shoot the waterfall sequence. Prabhas has postponed his marriage to be the part of this epic movie. After having such great Bahubali reviews, all star cast must be cheering and preparing for the next part.

It would be the first Indian movie, which is actually released to be in part rather than movies whose sequels are not actually taken into account, when first part is released. Enough curiosity is created while ending the movie. People are keen to know Bahubali Movie Full Story. If they plan out sequel soon and take it to the floors, fans are ready to welcome it with whole heart.

Movie is all about 2 brothers fighting for control of a Kingdom Mahesmati. Bhallaldev (Rana Dagubatti) and Bahubali (Prabhas). Actresses Ramya, Anushka Shetty and Tamanna Bhatia have got good shots to show there presence. The war sequence at the end is also magnificently presented on the screen. The scene where Shivudu behead his cousin and the body is still walking leaves a mark in minds of people. With so many memorable moments in the movie, Bahubali the movie has created history of Indian Cinema. Bahubali is first Indian movie where a special language is created to represent the tribes. The language is named as Kili Killi with 700 words and rules of grammars. Isn’t it an example of how seriously the movie is created with a perfection. This type of language creations are done in Hollywood movies, but it is first of its kind experiment in India. bahubali poster part 2

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Already fans have started looking for Bahubali movie second part trailer or Bahubali second part release date. There is a strong perception among the people that another part is just about to release.

Bahubali Part 2 Story

Bahubali Part 2 Story is going to be in line with Ramayana where real mom love awakens and betrays foster child Bahubali. As it is shown in the movie that shivgami asks for life of child and not to punish him for her bad deeds. Katappa is shown as slave of the kingdom, so he may be ordered by Shivgami to Kill Bahubali. Bahubali story is now going to cover a love story between Prabhas and Anushka Shetty, rivalry between two brothers extending because of a woman, mother’s love for own kid and treachery. What is going to make people watch Bahubali Part 2 is the excellent way of making the movie. Though, we can expect some good twist and turn in the Bahubali Part 2 Story. For Release of Bahubali 2, we have to wait till 2016.

Instead of searching for Bahubali online download free version, it is better to watch in multiplex. On small screens of TV and laptop it is going to be just another film.



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