So, summer is on.. Hmm..and all you fashion loving ladies must be thinking of those sweaty days, sleeveless tops and eye gears. But don’t let this heat stop you to make fashion ventures and establish a style statement. In fact summer can be the best season to experiment with colors in those bright sunny days. lets get in to details of color selection for summer outfits.

The moment, I remember of heat or a sunny day one thing comes to my mind is the color Yellow. Along with yellow, white, green, light greens, turquoise, orange can really make you feel light and calm. Combining all these colors with whites can set you going for cool summer looks. Floral prints can add life to your personality. Neons have also created a space in markets and will definitely make you stand out among all. This is what we have discussed about colors but what exactly to wear. Don’t create fashion disasters in order to feel cool and create comfort, but you can look cozy and comfy in the best summer outfits.


These days jump suits are ruling market and its the best choice for making a fashion mark. You can also incline for flowy shirts, long and short midis, Bermudas or 3/4th pants, skirts, loose t shirts. Whatever you wear make it a point to set the pair that looks the best and not something that makes a disaster in run for fashion.


Apart from dresses, additional accessories are must to create a fashionista image. Wearing a simple trouser and top can make you look good but adding a floral, plain or printed scarf can make you look stylish. Scarfs are must carry kind of accessory in summer as you can use it as a drape around your face, tie on your head for protecting hair from sun and many more uses along with fashion statement. Caps and hats can make you look fashion icon and drag all eyes to you.


Eye gears..Hmm something that makes me go mad for. Eye gears can make you look extremely stylish and provides best of protection and soothing effect in heavy sun. Full coverage eye gears are too much in demand but select what suits you the best. Innumerable range of frames and colors are available in the market to help you make the best out of yourself.


Bags, handbags, purse, clutch, tote bags, sling bags, oh..what a range of purses available in the market to serve you. Select the one that suits your style and make you feel comfy. In this summer, go for bright colors of handbags, which can attract eyes and make you feel confident.


Now comes foot gear. The most important wear of a woman which can either help her stand still or shake her confidence. Markets are studded with colorful flats, slippers, sandals. Nude and bright colors are even in for footwear. Black is all time favorite, but try to make colors your friend this season.


Minimum makeup can be your mate and will assure you to never put you in difficult situation like flowing of makeup or dripping of kohl or mascara. Always remember to keep wet tissues in your vanity to avoid that sweat and difficult situations that can hurt your confidence.


Head to toe, you are ready to welcome the season and greet the sun. Say hi to heat in a style and make the best of the fashion lover inside you.


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