Who does not like beautiful Mehndi designs for hand? Applying Mehandi or henna is tradition of countries like India and Pakistan. It is considered as auspicious and ladies apply even a single dot of Mehandi on specific occasions. Mehandi production, Mehandi designs and applying Mehandi have become a huge market. People specialize in preparation of Mehandi. It is also called as Henna. The best way to prepare for yourself is to prepare a natural henna paste at home and feel it in a cone to apply Mehndi at home.

beautiful mehndi designs for hand

How to make Mehndi paste at home

  • Collect some green Mehandi leaves. Dry it at home or you can get dry quality  henna leaves from some quality herb supplier of your city.
  • Crush the leaves till it attains smooth powder consistency.
  • Take a bowl of plastic and add 20 grams of henna powder to it.
  • Then add 1/4th cup of lemon juice to the bowl. Mix it thoroughly. This will give Mehndi powder a luscious texture.
  • Following this procedure will give henna a boosting agent to release the color.
  • Now add coconut oil to it. This will help in keeping your hands soft.
  • You can use any essential oils, you prefer. While locking the moisture in Henna, oil in the mix will help to release the deepest color of Henna. Cover it with a plastic and leave it over night.
  • You are all done to make Mehndi paste at home.

beautiful mehndi designs for hand


Procedure to make henna cone at home

  • Now take a thick plastic sheet. Roll it into the shape of a cone and seal it with Cello tape.
  • Now fill it with Mehandi content with a spoon and seal the top.
  • Take scissors and cut the bottom tip of the cone.
  • If you are going for and Arabic Mehandi design, then you can go for a slightly wider hole, but if you are going for bridal or intricate henna designs, then cut a very small hole.
  • People also call Mehndi cone as Henna applicator.

You are completely ready to create beautiful Mehndi designs for full hands and legs.

Let’s get somewhat tricky here. You can add a bit of rust to get that color to satisfy yourself that your hubby loves you the most. It’s a saying in India, that darker the color of your Mehandi, the more your husband loves you. It is a matter of jealousy and fun among the young girls and ladies to have the darkest color on one’s hand.


Seeing this myth, people have completely fallen for the black color of Mehandi on hands and this has lead to people adding chemicals to make their Mehandi giving the darkest color of all. But believe me ladies, if you ask any natural Mehandi expert, you will get the reply that the real color of the Mehandi is bright red and not black. Do you get any hint? The color red and love of your husband, right? How can black color signify his love for you. Still if you wish to have dark henna color, you can get link to my article on how to get dark henna color on Ezine articles. Adding some rust from any old iron utensil in your house can lead you to gain the dark red color.

Let me mention some basic points on how to get dark mehndi color on hands with beautiful mehndi designs for hand

  • You can heat a pan on stove. In India, general households use iron pan or skillets. Iron itself is a darkening agent. Add some cloves on the pan and let the vapor come out of it. Hold your hands above the vapor to absorb the heat and essence of cloves.
  • I prefer to apply balm on hands before applying Mehndi. The basic property of Mehndi is getting darker on heating. So, you can also apply balm before and after application of Mehndi on hands.
  • Lime stone is also a good agent for getting dark Mehndi color. After scraping off Mehndi paste off the design, just apply lime stone powder.
  • Take care to stay away from water, till the time Mehndi reaches its peak color on your hand. If you touch water, color stimulation will stop immediately and you have to stay satisfied with whatever final color it was.
  • Shampoos, soaps and detergents are agents to remove Mehndi color faster. Avoid using detergents directly with hands till the time Mehndi is catching its color or the function for which you have opted for beautiful Mehndi designs for hands and legs.
  • You can wear plastic bags on hands to avoid direct contact with water and detergents. Doctors surgical gloves are easy to use. Keep one pair for yourself at home.

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Beautiful-Mehndi-Designs-of-2014                                             Beautiful Mehndi Design pictures for hands

I have completely stopped using Mehandi cones available in the market because of the bad experience, I had previously of chipping off my hands skin after using the Mehndi. So it is the best alternative to prepare the Mehndi at your own and get the color of love on your hands.

Creation of Simple and Beautiful Mehndi designs for hands

Now comes the design of Mehandi that you wish to apply on your hands. I agree that it needs lots of art to apply the very beautiful Mehandi design on your hand. Surf the net or books of Mehandi design publication to find the best match for you. Simple Mehandi Patterns or Arabic Mehandi Designs can be easy to apply on your hands for the beginners.

Beautiful-Mehendi-Designs                                          Beautiful Mehndi Design pictures for hands

Some knowledgeable Henna article: Traditional Rajasthani Mehandi Designs

Beautiful Mehndi designs Arabic are very attractive and easy to apply. It even takes less time.

  1. All you need now is a print out of the design to create beautiful mehndi designs for hand.

2. A pointed marker and a plain paper.

3. Start making the same design with pencil on the white paper.

4. After a few attempts, you will succeed to get the exact shapes as shown in the Mehandi pattern book.

5. Now try to do it with a pointed marker pen. After getting the best out of yourself, draw the same design with a marker pen on your hand.

6. Now start dropping Mehndi with the cone on the design. Remember, you have to hold cone from the top edge.

A beautiful Mehndi design video is here to inspire readers to go for one asap. Beautiful Arabic Mehndi designs for hands 2015 are just released and ready to appear on this blog.

Beautiful Mehndi Designs for hand exclusively from YouTube.

After a certain amount of practice, you will be a pro and you won’t need a marker or pencil to create designs. It is also the best option to create temporary tattoos with henna. So you are ready with a state of art Mehndi paste for yourself to create beautiful Mehndi designs for hand. Keep looking on for beautiful Mehndi designs for eid and Beautiful Mehndi designs for kids, our upcoming posts.


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