Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. What does this quotes about beauty mean? We are going to pour out our total though process, debates and questions in our mind related to beauty of a woman in this article.
In most cases the stereotypical notion of beauty that lies ingrained in our thoughts, ideas and imaginations is her external appearance. The beauty of a woman is regarded as based so much on her physical appearance that it almost excludes all other aspects of a woman that contributes to her beauty. If ‘beauty’ is a strong sense of aestheticism involving the beauty of emotions, sensation and the mental setup of a person, how can it only depend on the outward structure and appearance of a person? It is striking to know that most women do not consider themselves ‘beautiful’ and would only think themselves as pretty and presentable with  ever present doubts in their minds that make them relate themselves to the images of women they come across in magazines, TV commercials, posters, etc. Whatever media considers as ‘picture perfect’ influences our ideas and beliefs and women would desire to be as media wants them to be. Now, is this whole concept of physical beauty a very reliable standard to judge a woman’s beauty? Are we successful enough to raise our question to support the beauty quote, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

This question has various answers because the ideas related to ‘physical beauty’ varies from person to person and place to place. However, the most common things that describe beauty to most of us is size, weight, a proportionate figure, hair quality, fairness, finely shaped eyebrows, waxed and flawless skin etc. To catalog the very criteria that the society would regard as appropriate behind looking beautiful is in itself such a deplorable, inhuman act. Don’t you dream of having that curve of a perfect figure?

beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Haven’t there been days when all that you hoped for was to get a smooth, blemish free, glowing skin to look beautiful in the upcoming party or any social event? Haven’t you used face and hair packs, anti-bacterial lotions and creams and products that would give you a fairer, acne-free skin? I’m sure you have tried all possible remedies to cure your skin problems and have made diet control and exercise a part of your daily routine just to look a little closer to what you think as beautiful. This socially acceptable idea of having a slim figure and looking attractive, gorgeous and appealing in order to be recognized as beautiful brings together most women, almost all. It is nobody’s fault in particular because the idea has not been formed in a day but by the impression of age-old advertising and promotion since time immemorial. How we see a woman depicted and represented in a painting or a poster or a magazine cover or commercial ads stays in our mind. We never find a plus size woman appear on any cover because the woman will hardly be considered as beautiful. At this juncture of debate on beauty, I would once again remind that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, let me repeat this beauty quote, if you see yourself as beautiful in your mirror, then you are beautiful, no matter what. Just see the perception changes of others towards you.

beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Putting all these barriers and preconceived notions of our mind aside, if we judge the beauty of a woman along the lines of intellectuality, a graceful bearing, behavioral nature, sophistication, insight, self-confidence, good communicative skills and how she dresses up, not being confined to physical attractiveness and realizing at the same time that wearing short clothes does not necessarily hint towards a ‘cheap’ mentality if she knows how to carry it out, not for a second looking  vulgar as many a times we would encounter an educated woman with a mild manner and a noble mien dressed up in clothes that she is comfortable in, which may range from a sari, a full-length gown to a pair of shorts and a tee or a short, pretty dress. I believe that what makes a woman beautiful is her confidence, her bearing that comes natural and suits her best and her fearless existence. A woman should always dress up as she feels and finds comfort in. After all, when it is said that beauty of a woman is not confined to any other person’s view. It is her inner strength that counts.


In everything lies beauty and this very term has depth and hues and no specific parameter can estimate its value or extent. It cannot be ‘skin-deep’ or based on skin color, body shape, height, weight. A dark-skinned, tanned village girl who have had neither time nor money to care for her looks or an old woman with wrinkles running across her face and head as white as snow may look unimaginably beautiful .There are so many women whose beauty remains undiscovered because of the failure of the society around them and their near and loved ones to apprehend their beauty that might have not shone on their faces or appeared in their bodily structure.

It is always advisable to maintain the right diet and exercise regularly for fitness and good health and also go for skincare treatments, routines, products, and body and hair spas that give us a refreshing experience and a fresh, healthy look but doing all of these under the pressure to be beautiful, overlooking the most important and more effective aspects that need to be acquired first in order to be beautiful in a stronger sense is mere foolery. Think again. Aren’t you still beautiful with all those extra flab you wish to lose or rough hair or whatever keeps you far from being confident? You are. I’m sure your beauty lies far deeper within you and goes as deep as the existence of your soul. Feel beautiful each day because life has a lot of pretty things in store for you. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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