I am continuously getting the video of the man killed in the zoo in Delhi by the tiger, from different WhatsApp groups. People are so eager to forward it and create a sensation. But I am feeling like slapping the person, who was taking the video, when an innocent person was dying in front of him. How can we be so inhuman that we forget the human in us? It must have taken him some time to take out his mobile, start camera and then shoot. Within that span of time, couldn’t he think of searching some aid to save that person? People were standing and watching to have some excitement, but a family has lost one member.

helping hands

For all the Indians and people with WhatsApp and Facebook, please wake up. Social media is because of us and we are not living for the social media. We are running, running and running. We need everything. People are stealing things, money and losing their morality, to show off. Everywhere there is a race to prove yourself great to others.

We have been attacked by external markets because of being a World’s most prominent economy. We are falling prey to every advertisement that is displayed on TV.

divine light

If I talk about only my fraternity, females, then what we are doing? Branded clothes, parlors, cosmetics, gym and no peace. Just a run. A run to show ourselves better than others. I won’t say I am apart from others. People appreciate my dressing sense, so I shop more to prove my abilities. But by the end of the day, I feel empty. The emptiness in my soul is scorching me from inside, this is what I am doing?

I had been to disabled welfare trust and blind school. Small, innocent kids with one leg or one arm, running after the ball to catch it. Blind students trying to learn, what a pain to see them. We are sent as a complete human, we should be there to help other human. Why institution such as Being Human has to remind us of our humanity. Where are we losing it?

pure soul

Whenever I am free, I just tend to listen to the song created by Maestro A. R. Rehman. Only a spiritual person and a pure soul like him can work on such lyrics and tune.

Jage hain der tak, hamen kuchh der sone do

Thodee see rat aur hai, subah toh hone do

Aadhe adhure khwab jo pure naa ho sake

Ek bar phir se nind me woh khwab bone do


We have risen up since long,
Now need some sleep
Some night, some darkness is still prevailing
Let it be dawn
The unfulfilled dreams that are still haunting,
let’s sow the seed of those dreams once again.

pure soul

And a drop of tear flows down the cheek. Can you search a person, who won’t relate to this song? We all have struggled at a point in our lives and we all need to sleep and just forget all this.
Then why to forget that compassion and love, which is our true nature. Can’t we be humans and not slaves of Social Media or technology?
Finally, we all have to sleep. Get dissolved in the white light and embrace that purity of our souls.

Indians celebrate so many festivals. Almost all festivals have same message to convey, that is victory of good on the evil. The present festival of Navratri that we are celebrating signifies same thing. It is celebrated in devotion of Maa Durga. Maa Durga is the core of all powers and energies around us. She is called as Shakti. A Shakti to overcome all evils. What is evil and what is good? That all resides in us. The day, we can overcome the negativity of our soul and let the purity win, that means celebration of good over evil. Let yourself free from all this vices to create sensation, to hurt someone, to showoff, lust, rape, corruption and be pure from inside and see the magic, called as life.



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