Since Udaipur, is now our regular go to relaxation place, we are trying to explore each and every aspect of visiting Udaipur. As it was monsoon, entire trip turned out to be eating spree. So here comes the details and list of Best Place To Dine In Udaipur.

Not only relaxation, but Shreenathji temple is the reason for our regular visits. It was raining cats and dogs the day we reached Udaipur.

We already booked Hotel RasLeela this time for our stay. As I have mentioned in my previous article, Pichola Lake side room is our first choice in Udaipur. You can read entire details of places to visit in Udaipur in my article.

Best Place To Dine In Udaipur

We were quite tired when we reached Udaipur. After checking in first thing we did was to book a cab to Shreenathji. For 1900 Rs, they will take you to Shreenathji, Eklingji and Haldighati in private cab.

Haldighati Museum Restaurant

Haldighati has a private Haldighati museum which showcases valour of Maharana Pratap. This is our 3rd time visit to the museum. I think everytime, we will visit this place to remember our great history. You can have great Rajasthani lunch here. It is a fixed unlimited thali for 150/- Rs. We liked the food here and prefer to have it every time we visit.

By the time, we complete our entire day visit, it was 8 PM. We asked cab driver to drop us at some good restaurant in Udaipur. Here there is promotional structure of restaurants with cab drivers, so all will suggest few named restaurants. So far, best place to dine in Udaipur in reasonable rates is this museum.

Rajwada Bites

Since, we three were not well, we were not in state of taking snaps of food served. Restaurant manager suggested us some really good Paneer dish, which we enjoyed thoroughly. They were courteous enough to switch off fans seeing our health.

Other people were ordering chicken dishes, which smelled too good. They have evening dance and music program to entertain guests, which was pleasing enough.

As I said, all cab drivers will suggest you few names such as Rajwada Bites, Khamma Ghani, 1959. So, next day after having a boat ride at Pichola lake we specially went to Khamma Ghani for lunch in the opposite side of the city spending 200 Rs.

Khamma Ghani

It was disastrous, totally mismanaged place. Chaos, snatching of chairs and people standing on head of the people dinning waiting for their turn. Everything was unbearable. After the wait of one and half hour, we left the place without having food.

As suggested cab wala took us to 1959, after that disaster.


A place full of foreign clients. It was well made but proved to be very costly affair. 2500 Rs for 3 items we ordered without any service luxury.

One thing I would like to mark here is the temperament of people in Rajasthan. Or I would say 1959. Foreigners were smoking like anything. Place was suffocating for us. We requested managers to inform them to not smoke in public place. In return, the managers told us that we are not supposed to tell them anything.

I asked the managers out there that do they have separate menus for foreign clients compared to us? Are they charged extra? They said no. I asked them that then why they are setting such priority. They moved away from us. Again when he came to serve us I asked him that when we visit their country, we follow every rule with due respect. (It should be like that only). Smoking is a ban at public places in our country. There are many little kids here. So why can’t you people inform them. The reply was we are not suppose to. Finally, I could only say that how come you people call yourself belonging to Maharana Pratap.

They served us 5 small pieces of Chicken tikka, which was ridiculous compared to rate. Butter chicken was red coarsely ground tomato gravy, which was no way creamy. I don’t think it falls anywhere near the range of butter chicken. Dal Baati was good enough.

Ras Leela

Finally, we decided to dine at our very own stay Ras Leela Hotel. It is a small resort like place in old Udaipur city. They have 11 small cottages at the lake side. Though I found setting of lights quite depressing. There were bare minimum yellow lamps of zero watts only in one side of room. Same was the scenario with restaurant. Lights were too dim to detect what food is served.

All the 3 days, it was raining cats and dogs in Udaipur and we could not do much.

Krishna Dal Bati Restro, Udaipur

Finally, on day 3 we got lucky. The restaurant was closed for Rakshabandhan holidays. Visiting and having Dal Baati everytime, we visit Udaipur at Krishna Dal Baati is a must. Dal Baati served here is outstanding. They serve you a whole platter of Dal Baati, Gatte ki sabji, capsicum sabji, 2 types of chatni, papad, Chaas, salad and finally rice too in 250/- Rs. Believe me the quality of food is awesome.

best place to dine in Udaipur

Once we took our big friend circle to this restaurant and some were skeptical about Dal Baati being heavy food and but at the end of lunch, they all thanked us for giving them this flavour of Dal Baati. So if you visit Udaipur, it’s a must to visit this place. One more place which I would suggest as Best Place to dine in Udaipur. The staff here along with the owner are very humble.

So a long long discussion on our eating spree. Udaipur has many good dining experiences. You can have food at Udaipur chowpati, which has very good and tasty food options such as Pav bhaji, falooda, chinese and all. There is also an egg joint where you can get all sort of egg points. You can also have delightful street style parathas.

We hope we have provided with all sort of good and Best Place To Dine In Udaipur.


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