Best Role play game 2015 are not just part of our fantasies or for extreme swingers’ parties. Besides all you need for it is imagination and some sense of humor. What comes to your mind when you hear about role playing games at s*x? Nurse outfits? Handcuffs? How do you imagine these games to be? Maybe the idea is frightening. Maybe you think it is hard to pretend to be someone else. You may even worry that your boyfriend might freak out about your fantasy, or that he will laugh at you. But if you are in a relationship that makes you feel comfortable with someone that will never make fun of you, maybe it is the right time to experiment. Here are the best advice on how to start on role play games or even make it better.

Best Role Play Game 2015

Beware, we are not talking about Best Role Playing game online or on PS3, but real Bedroom life.

 role play games in bed

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Find your fantasy in the best role play game

If you already have in mind a sexy scenario which you are dying to bring to life, you can proceed to the next step. But if you feel completely lost in this section, here is a starting idea: dress up you and your boyfriend, go to a wonderful bar where you will pretend to meet and flirt each other for the first time. (If you can afford it, pick a luxury hotel bar, where you can also book a room for the night).

The other classical choice, is to pick best role play game that is based on power – cop / burglar, doctor / patient, boss /maid. These mind sound tacky but this means they work.

Sexy Nurse Preparing Syringe

Share the fantasy with each other

All the successful role playing games start with sharing the fantasy. You might worry that your friend will feel insecure. But you can present it to him as a compliment. Like that you had a dream of you to him being a teacher and you the student… By including him in the fantasy from the start you make it clear that it is just a fantasy and not that you like teachers..! When you have shared your fantasy, you have to explain him, which part of the scenario is the one, that turns you on so the result will be sexy and not terrifying.


Set boundaries in the role play game

Before you start the game, make sure you discuss what you are both willing to make or not, especially if the scenario involves the idea of “punishment”. Talk about it and set a “safe word” that will mean “stop” if either of you feel awkward.


Set the scenery for the role play game

Dress up is not a must but most of the times it helps us “feel the role”. Even a wig, can give you a new identity. The same stands for “dressing up” the scenery. For example if your role play is student-teacher, you can have a blackboard in the bedroom. To pick the outfit think of what kind of woman/man excites you.

Have fun

After all this preparation, you might feel like you are having a show. But the goal is to have fun and not winning the Oscars. Besides you are not into this for his satisfaction only. The game must also involve your desires and fantasies. And even if you change your mind, don’t hesitate expressing it, even though he might be disappointed, because the importance is to have fun and feel good about what you are doing. Everything is allowed as long as you both want this. You might feel funny and even laugh about it, but that is normal. You are playing a role but you are along the ride to enjoy yourself. And this time enjoy it with him.!


34% of people say their favorite role play game is strangers, 23% the duet teacher/student and 19% the masseur/customer role.

We have tried to inspire you to pick up best role play game 2015 for you. Now its time for you to spice up your life.


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