The present tour of Rajasthan has been very rewarding in terms of gaining knowledge and enjoying. Since, Rajasthan is royal and Mehndi is a royal tradition of India. Applying Mehandi on hands is not only auspicious but a royal trend. I saw foreigners so much interested in applying mehandi on their hands. Even males were fondly applying mehandi on their hands. I think, they were taking it as temporary tattoo. Here, in some areas males apply Mehandi with designs on their hands. On my verge of finding something interesting, I came across some traditional Rajasthani Mehndi designs for hands. During my visit to Lok Kala Kendra at Udaipur, I happened to encounter some basic Mehandi patterns. Hope you all like it.

Rajasthani Mehandi designs

Collection of Rajasthani Mehndi Designs for hands

You can use this designs to create many more designs for Rajasthani Mehndi Designs for full hands.

rajasthani mehandi designs

This particular Mehandi pattern is a Phool Kyari means an ensemble or pot of flower. A simple representation of flowers and leaves on hands.

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mehandi patterns

Mehandi image is of Keri aka mango, which is the most common shape among the Simple Mehandi designs for hands patterns.

rajasthani mehandi design

The Mehandi design is derived from Dari means rug. Marwari Mehndi Designs inculcate such lovely patterns.

trendy mehandi designs

Chopad is very famous game of ancient India. The way Chopad is a game. In a way, rajasthan special Mehndi designs depicts our traditions and culture.

Chopad is also basic design. Rajasthani Mehndi designs Arabic use design of chopad. Rajasthani Mehndi designs for wedding have chopad designs in center.

trendy mehandi design

Jaajam is a rich form of carpet. You can see Jaajham in palaces. Jaajam designs are made in combination with other designs on hand to make a typical Rajasthani intricate Mehndi design.

traditional indian mehandi

Singhara is a fruit or herb kind of edible food, which is considered good for females. Its special preparation are given to females post delivery  for healthy build up of cavity in the body. This way of including all designs related to day to day life shows the artistic touch of people of Rajasthan and appreciable form of artistic view towards regular life.

traditional mehandi designsRajasthani mehndi designs for hands images

Shankh is auspicious in Hinduism. Drawing a symbol of Shankh is also auspicious on hands. During some auspicious occasion, it is mandatory to put some auspicious symbol on hands for Mehandi designs.

rajasthani mehandi                                 Rajasthani mehndi designs for hands images

Chowkdi bhaat is just simple chowkdi, means cris cross checkers. Though it is very common, but looks very attractive and good on hands. One of my personal favorite Rajasthani Mehndi designs for hands.

traditional mehandi designs

Eating Pan, beatle nut leaf and some concoction of gulkand or katha is very ancient tradition of Royals, after dinner. Mehandi designs have designs of Pan, a leaf.

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mehandi designsRajasthani mehndi designs for hands images

Bijni, one more regular day or event included in the Mehandi designs. It is like sprouts, where a farming oriented country like India gives importance to sowing and reaping of seeds in every aspect of life.

mehandi designs

Moti Chur ka Laddoo, a sweet dish inspired design. Moti Chur laddoo are part of many festive celebrations in India.

latest mehandi designs

A bouquet of flower, phool ka mandna. It is like the aerial view of flower bouquet. Marwari Mehndi designs reflect imaginative power of women.

latest mehandi design

A very cute simple and easy Rajasthani mehndi design image, which is not only easy to make but very attractive in look

pakistani mehandi designs

If you go to Rajasthan and visit their architecture, textiles or jewelleries, you will find an art everywhere. Sun and stars in hands, what a wonderful way of showcasing day to day life.

latest mehandi patterns

Shankh, Chakra and Gada are symbols or representation of God Vishnu. Once again symbol of austerity.

rajasthani mehandi images

Regular rug or carpet laid at home. Rug here is inspiration for Mehandi images.

rajasthani mehndi designs rajasthani mehandi images

PS: In an attempt to collect some useful information for website visitors, quality of images is poor because of heavy rush. Some of the plates are damaged because of people’s unawareness towards their rich historical evidences.

By circulating such information, I would also like to urge people of India to consider all these places as your own historical treasure and maintain decorum of place and help in maintenance. Do purchase entry tickets. It helps to fund conservation of historical places.

Now, it would be easy to create some basic designs with help of these Rajasthani Mehndi designs for hands. You can create these designs on any part of the body as tattoos too. They will also look good as tattoos on back, shoulders, legs and arms.



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