Today, out of sheer disgust, I am putting up this article on ICICI bank and its fake operations. Since last 13 years, I have had instances, which put me in sheer awww moments, where I found myself shockingly surprised.

ICICI Bank is one such bank, who is just created to extract out money from the people. The way their working and policies are framed are in no interest of the people of India.

From last few years, they have started a term called account manager. These people are assigned to your account to serve you and provide you better services. But beware, this is just an external term to show to the clients. Actually, they are sales person of the bank in disguise.

When a new account manager is assigned to your account, the very first instance will be, he/she will contact you and inform you that he/she has been assigned your account and she wishes to meet you to give you better services.

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The moment you give them an appointment, be prepared to keep a cheque ready for investing in ICICI prudential policies. They first come and start explaining you only about the money lying in your account and how you can get better out of it. The  more buttery situation, they create is that they are your service manager so both of yours accounts will be fully taken care of by them. This is a sheer shit by the bank. Once you invest the amount, they hardly take care to even see that the policy paper has reached you. They don’t even care to contact you after that. You keep on calling them for one or other services, but they never respond. They don’t pick up your phone. If you are lucky and they do so, then be prepared to be treated like a unpaid eater in a restaurant.

Let me take you through some of the most disgusting experiences, I had with this disgusting bank.

  • Today, when whole India is talking about women empowerment and women power, ICICI bank is one such bank, who is training their employees in completely reverse manner. I was working at that time. A female personnel from the bank gave me a call for investment purpose. Her direct question was hand over the phone to Mr.Kapadia. Now, for her Mr. Kapadia should be my husband or father. I said why you want to talk to Mr. Kapadia, when I am an account holder. She said that its better you hand over the phone as women does not have any right to investment. So it is better that I talk with the most relevant. I wished to speak out some abusive words, which my upbringing never allowed.
  • For the very kind information of the bank personnel, the day I started earning, Mr. Kapadia (my father) made me totally independent. He used to call investment person at home for my investment and made me strictly sit with them. I was at that time to young to understand, but he was strict to me to understand all the financial terms and start dealing myself for my finances. Today, he has made me so independent that I give him suggestions for his retirement investments.
  • One more incident that can put all of the readers in an alarming condition. After my first account manager left, my second account manager came up to meet me. First question from him was Madam, are you separated? I was shocked. I asked him, why you asked me so? He said you are managing your funds on your own and I am not seeing your husband today. Can you all connect it with the case, I have mentioned above. It is part of their training that woman are least involved in the investment.
  • And the most shocking part of the meeting, he came up with the detail of my every investment. Where and in which company, I have invested.  I was so badly shocked to know this. I asked him from where you got all these data. He said that we checked all your statements and bank account details.!!!!!
  • Ladies, beware of these ICICI people as they are not even taught code of conduct. The day, I visited another branch for paper work (as your account manager never serves you), the person on the main desk got my phone number to stop a cheque. Then after, he started to send me forward messages. I never reply to any such kind of thing. So after few days, things stopped, but after a year that person left the job the started contacting me. Asking me to meet him as he was very much impressed with my way of handling work and all. Once again going in line with the thing that women are no way involved in investments. Isn’t it disgusting?

These all incidents are very much clearing about the ideology of ICICI bank and how they are training there staff to take out money. How in disguise, they are training their staff about non-existence of women in investments. And what level of services, ICICI bank is giving to their privilege bankers. So better be aware of the most fake practices of this bank and better to shift your accounts.

Note: In case, anything happens with my bank account or  money, it will be totally because of the malpractice of the bank as a money monger.

Even after repeated pings, the bank and the officials were totally irrelevant of the pain, people were passing through because of no service. I really pity the senior citizens, who have account with this bank.

Finally, when no last resort was left, I decided to contact highest authority of the bank to bring light to the type of operations going around.

I found email address of Ms. Chanda Kochar, managing director of ICICI bank and some other higher authorities. Drafted very detailed email about the problems and harassment that I faced. To my amazement, I wrote the email in the evening and the next morning, I started getting calls from the bank.

The type of service that I should have got earlier was offered to me finally. All my long time pending work was completed just in a day. I hope, bank will start working in positive direction towards providing proper customer services.


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