Aamir Khan has once again done it. Love me or hate me, I will create a stir in a market and I will make you think with your fingers tingling in your hair. I think, this is the favorite mantra of Aamir Khan. I just loved the way, Aamir Khan and Raju Hirani were clear about putting their thoughts into action. For touching such sensitive subject, one needs to be clear totally with what is happening around and what is actually required.

What message I got from the movie PK?

It was so funny to watch the movie PK, that we continually kept on laughing in the theater. I was concerned, that though the movie is made with a satire, but the people should take the actual message and in laughing, they should not forget, what the filmmakers are actually trying to communicate.

What was the best way to communicate the message of spirituality was to connect with a birth of the child and the way, they ask questions. Since, bringing a child won’t actually work out the essence of film PK, so here they brought Aamir Khan as an alien. An alien, who is totally unaware of worldly concerns. It is so rightly shown that he came into the world without clothes, then he got to know, that he has to wear clothes to communicate with other people. Up to a few years of age a child is not aware of dressing or wearing a particular dress, they enjoy wearing any colors they are given. After some years, kids start making out between guys and girls. It is not the kids, but we make them realize fashion for guys and girls. Then comes, the religious beliefs, what we inculcate in them. To my surprise, what I have decoded about the alien and naked thing is perfectly what the director and actor conceived, while framing the movie PK, which I just happened to read on Rajkumar Hirani’s view.


I would say religion and religious teaching is good for anyone. No religion supports killing or hurting anyone. If it is taught in spiritual manner, then a religion is a perfect hook of hope for a human to survive. Faith is such thing, which can make a dead person alive than we are humans.

In the movie PK, though Hinduism is taken as a base to communicate the idea, but same is the case with all sects or most of all. There are many instances, where confusions among the beliefs and religions were shown to create humor and transfer the message. What I could see was, it was not at all against Hinduism, but against the Swamis and the so called people, who call themselves as safe guiders of Hinduism. Hinduism is such a religion, which says “kan kan ma bhagwan” means, “We see God in every particle created by HIM”. Now, do we need to fight for the Swamis and Babas? My XMAS wishlist will be showing, what I actually want from all the religion heads.

Anushka Sharma and Shushant Singh Rajput’s love story is also a kind of sarcasm, where the people, the religion and the borders were not the area of concern.

But Finally, only disturbance left in my mind is we can do all the analysis and elaborate the issues, but can anyone show a story after that. A torch bearer is shown. People getting awakened is shown, but what happens after some time, same thing continues. So a strong path, which can be followed by all people and all religion, without introduction of any new religion, can anyone show? “Oh My GOD” is also an excellent movie with the same story line, where Paresh Raval performed exceptionally well. A man fighting with every level of religion and defend his thoughts and his religion too. PK is into controversy, because somewhere it has fallen short of communicating the actual agenda with a solution.

Finally verdict is, think positively while watching PK and try to extract out what Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani are trying to communicate.



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