An Affordable Home Gym or cheap home gym under $100 is dream of all. Everyone wishes to live a life of luxury. If not luxury, then health and fitness is a need of time. Rarely you would find any person, who deny to have one small home gym.

While setting up a home gym, it is necessary that you make the space in your home from all the distractions that happen. It is obvious that you need a separate room with a door that you can close. A place, where people won’t disturb you and your workout is not interrupted. Also, it is advisable to keep a full length mirror to see yourself from head to toe, so that the chances of getting injured can be lowered. The home gyms need not have to be big.

The second thing that you need to look upon is to define your objective in setting up a home gym. Some of the home gym ideas can be for weight loss, strength training or cardio fitness. The following are the affordable home gym equipment that show what do I need for a home gym.

Affordable Home Gym

You can separate a space in your garage for building a home gym. Try to make a separation with sound proof material to avoid outside noise. You may need a music to keep you motivated for workout. Though these days getting a music player is very cheap. Mobile phones are also a good substitute for music player.

Affordable Home Gym

For lowering down the cost of the gym, you can always prepare DIY home gym equipment. In Indian Akhadas, pahelvans are made to building there own boxing bags. They build there own sand pits. We can use all these permutations and combinations to build our own affordable home gym.

Akhadas are the best form of affordable home gym in India.

We are listing few cheap exercise equipment, which you can easily buy.

Dumbbells – Very Basic Equipment for Affordable Home Gym

The primary home gym equipment is a set of dumbbells. The dumbbells are available in different weights and you can choose any three weights that you will be using often. It can be ten or fifteen pounds, depending upon your need in establishing home gym equipment.

Stable stability balls

Next to dumbbells, one of the best home gym ideas is to have a stability ball of good quality, which is preferred by the modern trainers. It also tops the prescribed list of home gym equipment and with such a ball you can do abdominal crunches, squats and a million of different methods. The highlights of these balls are inexpensive and easy to store in your home gym.

Even if you are opting for home gym, never miss a chance to stay stylish with best in trend gym wear.

Resistance bands

The resistance bands are a roll of elasticised plastic tubing that can be used in the place of dumbbells for any number of exercises, where moderate resistance is required. Some of the exercises that can be performed with these bands are pull downs, squats and chest presses. If you are looking for inexpensive home gym idea for advanced workouts, suspension training systems can be used.  There are systems like Human Trainer that has straps which can be attached to ceiling trusses, in which your body weight becomes the resistance. They don’t cost much. They are compact and you can do 100 to 125 exercises with them.

Skipping ropes

It is an excellent cardio workout and a brilliant exercise for the tightening of the muscles around your organs. If the ceilings of your home gym are too low such that skipping cannot be accommodated, you need not worry. Now-a-days, there are “ropeless” skipping ropes available in the stores, which give the benefits of skipping without scraping interiors. Even a cardio circuit can be developed, by moving from skipping to jumping jacks that keep your heart rate up.


A treadmill is a machine that can be bought as a home gym equipment, if you love running. But before you buy a home treadmill, there are several aspects to be considered. For instance, running on several treadmills be like a slab of concrete. So you have to be very specific about buying treadmill that would suit your interest.

When people think about what do I need for a home gym, they often imagine a place filled with expensive multipurpose equipments. That’s not necessary. If you have money and space, that will be possible. Otherwise, it is enough to do regular exercises with the basic home gym ideas.

Affordable home gym can be more interestingly build with little imagination. We bait, you can enjoy a lot in your inexpensive home gym compared to state of art home gyms.



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