Once again, the rape case of Nirbhaya is in news after two years. This case has been the torch bearer and acted as awakening agent for the Indians.

“A decent girl won’t roam around at nine o’clock at night. A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy,” these are the words from one of the rapist of Nirbhaya rape case.

Again, it is strengthening my belief, that basic problem is in upbringing of a male kid. Above all,  mentality of parents of a male child.

It made me write few statements on my Social Media account, just two months back, which is expressed in below statements.

Every day, when I open the newspaper, one news is common, that is rape of a girl, rape of a BPO employee, rape of a student, rape of a foreign girl in India, rape of an old aged 60 years woman, and rape of a girl aged 6 yrs. Where are we heading to?

An open letter from Shehnaaz Treasurywala to PM Narendra Modi, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Amitabh Bhachchan has taken a toll on the internet.

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Daily, I see many feminist associations regularly throw out their anger. Male chauvinists are claiming that girls wearing jeans is a problem, girls wearing short dresses are a problem.

What I am seeing is whole nation is divided in two opinions. What a girl should do and what the rapist should not do?

Uber taxi services were asked to be banned, yes, they could be banned. It is there inefficiency in failing to check the detail of a person. But this ban on Uber cab services is not the solution for stopping rapes in India. After the case of Nirbhaya, the count and the news of rapes are increasing more than the share market rates in India.

I am just a normal human being, no feminist and no male supporter. But the only thing, I know is the pain of a girl. I could not sleep for two nights, when I saw the case of rape of an aspiring student by 13 men, she could never recover from the trauma and died out of shock. When I searched for that case on the internet, I came to know that to relax the figures, it was shown as 13 men, but the actual count was 19 men. So disgraceful.

Do you think, this is a problem of a person, who acts as a rapist? No, it is the problem of the entire system. Mentality of suppressing a woman, is the problem of upbringing of a male kid. Why can’t Indian families inculcate the values of respecting females. Why can’t they think of an existence of a female apart from sexual desires?

We are debating on having sex education or not in the schools. Premarital sex should be there or not is a hot cake topic. Social media is flooded with dirty clippings. This is the only thing that attracts maximum people. I feel ashamed of being part of such a world, which is so very much obsessed with physicality of a woman and so very badly interpreting its own national heritage.

We are forgetting that we have given the world, Kama Sutra by Vatsyayan, India is the pioneer of Yoga, and India is the only place, where Khajuraho exists. Writing Yoga and Kama Sutra together is the only purpose to symbolize that the ancient Indians were aware of the sheer connection of mind and body. The way we do our regular activities, all physical activities and physical relations are part of that.


India is the country, where coexistence of a male and female was taken with a deep respect. Physical relations came out to be the art that could take you to a level of dedication and love, where it makes your procedure of salvation easy. No sex education prevailed during those times, but respect for female was the only pillar, which made it real Sone ki Chidiya.

Can’t we indulge in value education? There should be classes in school, which gives every student a platform to understand life and make the best out of it.

I have observed a clear difference in the behavior of students, who are involved in goal oriented studies and general studies. Right from the day, a child enters the school, apart from any memory classes (general Indian study structure), concentration should be on skill development and value addition in the character of a person.

The day a male child is born in a family, behavior towards the female in the family should change. If we won’t be working on root cause then there is no point in debates and discussions. Because the overall problem is with the mind and not the body. It only stays  in the mind of a person.

We are taking our kids for tours for better understanding of cultures and areas for the geography lessons. I remember, my father buying cakes and pastries for us from a renowned bakery in the city. Many poor kids were staring at the cakes in the display. Though, we were not that rich, but my dad purchased all of them some cakes. Till date that impression is in my mind and I understand the needs of others. What I wish to communicate is, it is the family and school, which can curb the rapist inside a man.

Just wish to remind our respectable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, that it is because of him, that we are able to move freely in Gujarat. Even at midnight 2 am, I am safe here. But I was afraid to see the eyes lingering and people staring at me in Delhi. I know that you are doing every bit of yours to bring progress to India. Every country, where Narendra Modi is moving, he is projecting that our maximum population is youth, but what if many of our youth are just falling prey to the physicality. Life of many females are being ruined because of all the sickness in minds of the people. If even foreign countries are investing in India, what is the security of the foreign nationals here in India? Can’t Narendra Modi roar from the national dias that now one rape and the punishment will be worth watching?

Still willing to remind all Indians and the people sitting on national high platforms that our age old slogan, when India was a real Sone ki Chidiya, we used to propagate and believe in the ideology of, “Yatra Naryastu Pujayante, ramante tatra devatah“, means, The land, where a lady is respected, there only, we should expect the Godliness. We have completely deviated and failed in understanding the rich heritage, we have received.





    • Thanks Harshpreet.. People everywhere have started raising their voices and now the need of the time is working at every level. Candle marches are not going to help anymore.

  1. First I would request you not to be apologetic about being a feminist. Feminism as a concept is not something bad. It is not male bashing and it is not just women who are feminist. Secondly, rape is about power. It is the way a man exerts his control over a woman. No man rapes a woman because he is sexually attracted to her. Otherwise one cannot explain why old ladies and little babies get raped.

    • Thanks Meera for going through the article..Again, I would like to suggest that debates and discussions on such topics should now be left only for the TV channels and there TRPs. The time is calling for action at all levels.

  2. Good article and topics are also great “rape” but aftr nirbhaya case rape k sec. Me kuch amendment kiya Gaya jo ye hai sec. 376-A ,376-B,376-C,376-D,376-E of Indian penal code 1860 aftr this amendment rape me kami aa gayi hai…

  3. India mst put its effort empowering women n making d education system better dis is d only way we succesfully acheiv d dream of becoming world power..gr8 article by author hop fr rapid implementation of ideas n tnxx to harshpreet to let me read this gr8 article

  4. Hey Twinkle…Its a wonderful and insightful write up…!!! Appreciate your views with clarity on the evolution of Indian culture and evaluating life…!!! Found your suggestions quiet rational and logical to be implemented to eradicate this heinously sinful crime from the roots.

    • Thanks Akash for the appreciation.. I came up with this solution after a lot of thoughts. It is not only the case of rapes in India. But over all Indian mentality needs a rethinking and it is high time now

  5. I just read about sexual violence in US campuses and steps taken to address it. ragging culture is about restoring power or controlling.
    violation of young ones and old, Call the Cops… Gang of men doing it, must be insane. Call the cops…
    would this be eradicated from humanity? How I wish…


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