Coconut oil hair treatment is always appreciated for overall wellness and good health.

Coconut oil has been in our culture for many years. It can be traced back to ancient times where they used it as an ingredient for food and also as medicine. The oil is extracted from copra, which is nothing but the matured coconut dried in sunlight. Well, Coconut oil has various applications such as cooking, household, skincare. It is also considered as a natural medicines for burns and bruises.

Coconut oil hair treatment

Coconut oil contains 46-51% of la-uric acid which strengthens the hair. People apply hair oil in a different patterns. Some people apply after taking a bath and some apply before taking a bath. It depends upon your hair type, which decides whether the treatment will be successful or not. Sometimes, it proves good for outer texture of hair.

In some cases, it proves good for hair fall solution. In southern India, people eat everything cooked in coconut oil. If you see hair of south Indian women, you will be amazed to see their hair growth and length.

The results differs in consideration with the type of coconut oil the person uses, as there are several brands in the market who claim to be organic and we can never be sure of it. It is always better to go with the organic type of oil. You can find mineral oil as an ingredient in some brands, mineral oil itself is an imprecise name as it doesn’t contain that much amount of minerals and less refined mineral oil is considered to be carcinogen.

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In case, you have decided to go with the organic oil then the chances of strengthening your hair is higher and eventually you won’t lose your hair anymore.

Coconut oil hair treatment

Coconut Oil and Dandruff Prevention

In some scenarios, dandruff is the sole reason for people to loose hair, this coconut oil hair treatment can help us in preventing the dandruff in an organic way. All we need to do is apply the oil through your head and rinse it repeatedly until the sticky feel in your hair is gone. Sometimes the excessive oil may weigh down your hair. In such cases, you can apply hair oil in the night. Leave it overnight. Shampoo it in the morning thoroughly twice. This will prevent it from weighing down.

It is just a matter of patience when you take this treatment, the more you let the oil stay on the more positive results you will get.

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment procedure:

Step 1: You need to have organic coconut oil for coconut oil hair treatment.

Step 2: Apply coconut hair oil in the scalp. If you are applying by self then you can take help of cotton pod. But this may cause a loss of lots of oil. You can take sections of hair. Apply oil in the section of hair with help of your fingers.

Take some oil in your palm and rub both the palms. With the help of your hands, apply that oil on lower section of your hair. Good amount of oil in the end section of hair can prevent roughness of hair. If you have split ends then try this tips. You can dip your hair in warm coconut oil and within some time, you will notice disappearance of split ends. Same way, it becomes easy to DE-tangle hair, if you apply oil at the ends.

Step 3: Leave it on for some time or you can style your hair accordingly. (Let it stay on for at least 3 hours)

Step 4: Shampoo your hair in order to remove the sticky feel in your hair.

Step 5: Style your hair accordingly.

You can also massage your hair thoroughly after applying the oil which may soothe you by relaxing your mind.

Additional applications of coconut hair oil

Coconut oil can also be used as oil for massaging, which eventually relaxes your mind and body.

It can be also used as an natural de-tangler. People who have long and curly hair often have this tangling problem, the solution is simple.  All you need to do is apply the oil and style your hair with the comb.

The composition of coconut oil allows it to penetrate through your hair which gives itself an edge in being a medium for hair colors. When you use it as a medium, you also get vibrant colors and the oil stops the color from fading away sooner.

Coconut oil can also be used as an sunscreen agent for your hair on days when you are fully exposed to sunlight.

Myths about coconut oil

  1. Coconut oil is a good sunscreen agent.

Truth : It acts as a sunscreen agent just for your hair but not for the skin.

2. Coconut oil will help you in losing the sketch marks.

Truth: No it is not true, Stretch marks come from a loss of ground substance in the skin, and  it cannot be replaced. Many a times, losing of skin elasticity leads to stretch marks. For this coconut oil can work good in long run.

Coconut oil hair treatment is a proven thing in India. People swear by it. Young girls, school girls never move out of home without hair oil, which proves to be maintaining good quality hair in long run.


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