Cool Tattoo Ideas inked by Bollywood celebrities has always been popular. Akshay Kumar tattoos, Alia Bhatt tattoo, Deepika Padukone tattoos are loved. That is the reason, we made a collection of Bollywood celebrity tattoos.

Tattoos have been the tradition of many countries and it has some para medical justifications too. But presently, it is rocking the world with its tattoo designs for men and women. Getting a tattoo created on ones body is now a matter of competition and passion. People spend days and hours to select cool tattoos ideas for themselves. There are celebrity tattoo artists and designers too, who have created a new designer world for body tattoos, tattoo on arm, tattoo on back, tattoo lettering style and what not.

Cool Tattoo ideas of Bollywood celebs

Leading Indian Movie fraternity, Bollywood is also after tattoos designs and why not they get noticed and can stay in fashion because of their unique tattoo designs. Let us have a look at some cool tattoo ideas created on Bollywood celebs.

1. Esha Deol has grabbed the attention with her two body arts. Sanskrit letter Tattoos on both her shoulders look fabulous, symbol of AUM in the sun and the Gayatri Mantra on the other one.

Bollywood celebrity tattoos

2. Mandira Bedi created a controversy by flaunting the religious symbol of EK OMKAR tattoo on her navel and dressing in a sensuous manner.

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bollywood celebrity tattoos

3. Deepika Padukone has encashed her body tattoo image in an ad also. Her initial name tattoo on the neckline showing her love for Ranbeer Kapoor is far more left behind. All she needs to change now is K to S. I think, it can look far better.

deepika tattoo bollywood tattoosCool tattoo ideas with name initials

4. Here comes the Daddy’s Li’l girl Priyanka Chopra. She got this tattoo art done on the wrist, just few days before her father died. This is a sweet tattoo quotes for girls.

Priyanka chopra tattooCool tattoo ideas on wrist

5. Mallaika Arora Khan – What does Mallaika means? Just got to know that it means Angel in Swahilli. She wants everyone to know the meaning of her name, so she got a name tattoo of her name engraved on her lower back.

cool tattoo ideas lower back tattoos of celebrities

6. Saif Ali Khan: Mr. Romantic, Saif Ali Khan was the first to get the name tattoo designs done on his arm of his beloved Kareena, which stole the eyes of entire media and people vouched their love for each other.


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7. Hrithik Roshan tattoo: The couple who was terribly in love with each other and now separated had the same tattoos on their wrist of  star tattoo art. One of the simple yet cool tattoo idea.

bollywood tattoos - cool tattoo ideas wrist Cool tattoo ideas simple

8. Ranbir Kapoor: Instead of having body art of any of his girlfriends, he preferred to stay “Awara”. May be, he got this done to pay tribute to his grand father, whose hit movie is Awara. This Name tattoo depicts Ranbir’s love for his family.

tattoo ideas wrist - ranbir kapoor tattoo

9. Akshay Kumar and Arjun Rampal have got tattoos name art of their kids on their bodies. Akshay Kumar has got a tattoo done in the center of his back. Arjun Rampal bears tattoo of both his daughters on both his hands.

akshay kumar tattoo
cool tattoo ideas for children’s names

Akshay Kumar has two more tattoos inked on his body. One on his shoulder plate bearing his wife’s name Tina and other on his neck above Aarav. The other one is after his second child, his daughter Nitara.


10. Not to forget, Ajay Devgan, the stylish tattoo that he showed in Golmaal. It looked fabulous in his entry scene in Singham. I don’t know if we can categorize this tattoo as tribal tattoos or Hindu God Tattoo design.

Shiva tattoo design on chest - ajay devgan tattoo

11. Last but not the least, the dear darling of Bollywood, our very own Pataka, Alia Bhatt.

alia bhatt tattoo design pataka

Alia Bhatt tattoo in Hindi is as cute as her.

Though, this fashion of Body tattoo art is not going to fade out and we shall be continually upgrading our list of celebrities and their cool tattoo ideas.



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