Hey all, wearing casual outfits can be sexy and unique. You can turn any normal T-shirt or top you own into something that’s sexy and stylish, by working on it yourself. The idea of the cut out shirt is a simple idea that helps you transform a dull T-shirt into an edgy T-shirt with a cut out design that reveals some skin and enables you to wear a different colored top underneath the T-shirt which will show through the cutouts and will give your design a funky colorful style. The Back Bows will give your shirt a soft feminine look while the cutouts between the bows will be your fashion statement.

cut out tshirt

All you need to do to have a bow back cutout shirt is get; your scissors, the t-shirt you will work on, lace or any fabric strips you would like to use in the color and size you want (you can use strips from the same color of your shirt or a different contrasting color), and of course a needle and thread of the same color of the trims. When you get your things ready, clean and organize your workspace so you would be able to work with complete focus and enjoy yourself while working on your shirt. You can make one big bow on the top and leave the shirt as it is.

back bow

To start making the cutouts, you will lay your T-shirt straight while making the back of the shirt on top facing you, because it is where you will make the cutouts. The cutting part should be easy once you decide the measures you want for your bows, and by measures we mean the vertical space between each cut and the horizontal length of cuts. Once you determine the measures you want and number of bows, you will start cutting parallel slits, but it’s better that you mark the lines or places you want to cut with a pencil or something that is washable, you could even draw the lines using a ruler for more accuracy. It will also be better if you start by cutting small slits first and tie them as bows because cutting wide slits won’t be revertible.


If you want to curl the edges of your slits, you will pull them  a little bit to stretch them, as the stretching process causes the fabric to curl. Now that you have your bow sections ready, you will start working on preparing the strips or lace trims, you will hold the center of the bow with, by cutting them into pieces that can be wrapped around the bow to make a complete circle. After you have the number of strips you need for the bows, you will start wrapping each strip around the center of each bow connecting the edges of the trim together. Stitch the edges of the trim to each other without sewing them to the shirt itself to keep them loose, this way it wont affect the shape of the bow.

t-shirt DIY-6

If you stitched all the bows, then you are done. That’s It!

Cutout Back Tshirt DIY


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