Deepika Padukone Depression issue is discussed frequently. Her idea of discussing her problem was to bring  out the short minded Indian mentality to treat people suffering from depression. But the whole idea of Deepika Padukone depression discussion has become a national scoop. Today, highlight is Ranbir Kapoor speaking on Deepika Padukone depression problem.

Deepika Padukone is one such actress, who can be said as blessed. She has got an exceptional traditional Indian look as well as the most attractive height and weight ratio. The balance of height, 5′ 9″ and weight of 60 kgs, gives her the most balanced look with an attractive figure. Any girl would dream of the life, Deepika Padukone is living.

Today, when Deepika Padukone has been strong enough to admit her problem of depression in a country like India, people are discussing it openly. Hopefully, the scenario about the mental unhealthy situation will be seen with a different approach now. Deepika Padukone is a youth icon and a very popular actress. It is difficult for the people to believe,  that an actress such as Deepika Padukone blessed with all luxuries of life, can suffer from depression.

deepika padukone height and weight

So far, Indian mentality related to issues such as depression or anxiety considered the person, as abnormal. In today’s scenario, when demands or wishes of people have reached a great height compared to the earnings, clashes in a relationship, maintaining time and relationships, and so many other clashes in life are happening. People think that the issues such as depression or anxiety can happen only in the people, who don’t have it all. But Bollywood stars whose life is full of glam and glitter can also suffer from disease such as depression and anxiety.

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Deepika Padukone has been bold enough to accept her problem of depression on a public platform and let everyone know about it. There can be many discussions and perceptions of it. But it can lead to an open environment, where people can come out with their illness related to mental health and seek a help. In present years, issues of suicide among the people falling in the age group of 25- 35 is increasing in India. In this situation, we can save many lives by going for counseling and medication for depression.

Bollywood stars, especially females have been just glam dolls, but now we are finding some pretty faces with witty minds to think about their social responsibilities. Coming out on a public platform and discussing about their issues related to mental health is really a bold step of Deepika Padukone.

People seeking out on gossip related to Deepika Padukone depression problem should better shut their mouth and think as an initiative to take a step for public awareness. Just talking about the figure, eye color, skin color, hair color, height and weight of Deepika Padukone gracefully, appreciation is due for her firmness. She previously took a stand on discussing a part of the female body in an oops way by a leading magazine. It proves that she is not just suitable for Deepika Padukone’s wall paper or images, but also a beauty with brains and an actress, who is capable of applying her mind on social issues, may it be related to just being bold enough to defend her own self or creating an awareness by putting her own problem on a public platform.






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