Different Types of Yoga and their benefits cannot be just one article, but it needs an intense detailing of Yoga and how it works.

Yoga is just not confined to physical exercises, where people twist, turn, stretch or breathe but it has deep connection with mind and soul. Yoga is a way of life which includes the following ideology: Yog means karma. It means that you are here to do something.

Breathing is not just breathing, but a rhythm. Human body is born with a rhythm in sync with the universe. Yoga reinstates that rhythm. There are many different forms of yoga to reach the divine.

If we look at some different forms of yoga, it would be good to understand, why Yoga is a path to divine.

Different Forms of Yoga

  1. Gyan Yoga – In Gyan Yoga, one acquires knowledge. This knowledge is overall wisdom. Wisdom for humanity. The knowledge for life purpose. One leads a life as guided by the supreme power.
  2. Bhakti Yoga – In this form of yoga, one surrenders self completely to the Supreme. There are certain parameters to achieve God. The best one is, surrender to him and lead life according to him.
  3. Karma Yoga – This form of yoga is based on the principle of purpose of life. A human is born. He has to work. The work has to be carried out with principles. If a human succeeds in doing all the worldly affairs by following path guided by the divine, he has achieved the stage near the Nirvana.
  4. Raja Yoga – A form of Yoga, which guides a human to have a control over the mind.

Different Types of Yoga and their benefits

By practicing different types of yoga techniques or asana, one covers all the above aspects. That is the reason why practicing yoga is called way of life rather than routine.

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Different Types of Yoga and their benefits are Explained Below, Have a Look.

Ananda Yoga: These Yoga Asanas focuses on gentle postures of body. These form of Yogasanas are designed to move the energy up to the brain. These asana also focuses on the proper alignment of the body and breath controlling.

ananda-yog different types of Yoga

Anusara Yoga: The poses in the Anusara Yoga are relatively difficult than rest of the types of yoga asana, but this Asana opens your heart and connects the divine in yourself and others. This yoga is new form of yoga and it was found in the year of 1997.

anusara-yoga-classes-forms of Yoga

Astanga Yoga: Ashtanga Yoga is also called as Raja Yoga. There are 8 forms of Yoga that is to be followed, while doing Ashtanga Yoga. This type of yoga is physically demanding. It involves continuous breathing with continuous change in postures of the body. The results are far from expected. It results in good circulation of blood, flexibility, strong body and calm mind. You should not go for Ashtanga Yoga, if you are a beginner.

ashtanga yoga different kinds of yoga

Bikram Yoga: This is a method of yoga which includes workout of all components of body. This Yoga results in Muscular strength, Muscular endurance, weight loss and cardiovascular flexibility. This yoga form is also called as hot yoga or heated yoga. It is done in highly heated room, which results in detoxification, eases weight loss and prevents injury. This form of Yoga is developed by Bikram Chaudhary, who has been in too much of controversies.

bikram yoga yoga types

Yoga and It’s Different Types

Hatha Yoga: This form of yoga is very basic and easy to learn. This includes Asanas (postures), Kundalini (Laya Yoga), Meditation and Pranayama (Regulated breathing). These can be practiced to achieve self-realization or enlightenment. This yoga is famous in many countries for stress management. Hath means stubbornness of nature. To stick to the thing, you desire. Hath yoga is called “hath” as it is a kind of stubbornness shown to God to achieve HIM.

hath yoga - different types of yoga

I hope looking into Different Types of Yoga and their benefits is being interesting for you.

Iyengar Yoga: This type of yoga promotes flexibility, strength, endurance and balance in your body through breathing . This type of Yoga was developed by B.K.Iyengar some 60 years ago. The poses in  Iyengar yoga are required to have a proper alignment of the body. In this type of asana, you slowly move in a pose. You hold your breath for some time and then slowly release it. It is repeated couple of times. The specialty of Iyengar Yoga is that it uses props such as belts, cushions, straps and blankets. Because of the help taken with the props, it makes it rather easier to hold the yoga poses for longer period of time. Iyengar Yoga can be done by sick or injured too.

iyengar yoga

Jivamukti Yoga : This type of yoga is extremely challenging.  As the name suggests, Jiva +Mukti = Nirvana. This Yoga pattern follows the principle of taking the prana upwards by following various Hindu (Sanatan Dharma) practices. So including overall practices such as Sanskrit Mantra chanting, scriptural study, following non-violence, vegetarianism, meditation and music. Such practices have to be inculcated in regular practice, while practicing yoga.

jivamukti yoga

Yoga Forms and Details

Kripalu: Well, in Kripalu Yoga different you have to hold while in different poses. During the holding stage, spiritual and emotional blockages are released. Kripalu yoga is three stage yoga. First of all, Stage one includes learning of yoga. Second stage includes holding the asana for a particular time and practicing it precisely. Stage three includes meditation during the asanas.


Power Yoga: This type of yoga is a combination of three techniques. It combines stretching, strength training and Meditation with breathing. This yoga takes Ashtanga yoga, a step further. The name is power yoga because it is an intense practice of flowing of Yoga poses from one to another. Holding, push- ups, hand-stands, toe touching and side bends are various steps in Power Yoga. Performing all these steps, leads to sweating. In addition, muscle building is also part of power yoga.

Chaturanga-Dandasana-Plank-Pose - power yoga

Vinyasa: It basically focuses on breathing with the movement of the body. This is very active physical part of yoga.


Finally, we are ending up this article on different types of yoga and their benefits. Hope, it has given a better insight in the world of Yoga. Make Yoga your way of life.