Does Your Diet Affect Your Skin ? Have you ever thought of this? Many women are following a particular diet for losing weight. Unfortunately, most of the women don’t take into consideration the effects on the facial skin caused by the chosen regimen. We all know that aggressive diets have harmful effects on everyday health but some of the radical food regimens have deep impact on the facial skin as well.

Does Your Diet Affect Your Skin

Let us have a look at how unhealthy diet affects your skin health adversely.

A fat-rich diet highlights wrinkles
All organism needs lipids (fats) for all of the basic processes performed. When your diet doesn’t contain enough fats, your cells aren’t able to correctly fulfill their job. Cell membranes and protective barriers around the cells are in need of fatty acids which prevent water evaporation from the skin or within the cell. And when water evaporates, this is the so-called process of “trans-epidermal dehydration”. In this situation, the skin becomes drier and wrinkles and fine lines can be easily observed on the facial skin.

effect of fat rich diet on skin

Therefore, a diet which drastically reduced fat consumption is not necessarily a great choice. It’s indicated to consume healthy fats which can be found in olive oil, avocado, nuts, fish and seafood. In this case, you’re also recommended to use a heavy moisturizer cream for your skin.

good fat is needed for your body

Eliminating an entire group food can affect your skin

For vegetarians and vegans, it is very important to recognize that animal proteins are rich in nutrients which your skin is in absolute need of. For example, it has been shown that omega-3 fatty acids found in fish prevent inflammation which plays a significant role in the aging process.

  seafood omega 3

This is the reason why if you eliminate a certain group of foods, it is necessary to replace it with foods which offer the same essential nutrients for your skin health and whole body. In the case above presented, if you gave up with eating fish, consume flax seed or flax based supplements containing omega-3.

Mixed Nuts for omega 3

Lack of physical exercises accelerate aging
Physical exercises must be necessarily part of your life, day by day. Exercises improve skin health by stimulating blood circulation which provides oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Physical exercises also have the power to reduce cortisol, or the so-called stress hormone.


Thinned face and neck due to diet can make you look older

Moderate volume in the face area is associated with youth but aging determines every person to lose from this volume. If you`re too weak, you`ll have even less facial fat which will make you look much older than you actually are.

For this reason, plastic surgeons have devised systems to “fill” facial areas, in order to create the illusion of youth. If you want to get rid of extra pounds, it is needed to know where to stop with the process of losing weight. It is also indicated to talk to a dietician, in order to discover the ideal weight for your physical appearance.

ideal weight healthy diet


As you can see, diet plays a significant role in determining the look of your facial skin. Don’t neglect aspects related to a balanced and healthy daily diet so you can look young as much as possible! And remember feel young, be young!!


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