Life, affairs, relationships and then comes Relationship Breakup advice. After watching or say reading all thoughts and seeing scenario of dating, post breakups advices, relationships, guys and gals tend to be very happy just like flying on should be. isn’t it? human natural. But when all rumble jumble and finally the time comes for tumble i.e breakup, you all feel life is shattered. Spending time thinking of him, you witness best of spy inside you. Feelings such as everything has come to an end. But, But but wait a second, have you given a thought before being blue in sadness and deep in madness that indulging yourself in a relation means you are handing your emotional key to the one who is recently MOST important in your life. You act or try to do everything to please him or her, your life starts revolving around him and entire life’s concentration is on him/her but the moment you break up you lose that point of concentration in your life. Ya! this is the moment, the time which makes you a thinker, a better person or worse than ever, its up to you!! But definitely this can be the best time of ones life to explore life.


Best Relationship Breakup Advice

Best Relationship Breakup Advice is to overcome the pain with strength and be what you are. Inner peace is what counts. If you are searching for post breakup advice, then you are at the right place.

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Ride with your Inner Self

Hey gals, have you taken a ride with your inner self? Been for a long drive alone with music of nature? enjoyed a walk in a drizzle or done photography in woods? Enjoying harmony of nature and getting in sync with rhythm of universe. How about an early wake up and enjoying first sun shine on earth. Sitting by a river side and witnessing flow of water, spending time with pet. These all activity can lead you to think what is more important?? Relationship Breakup advice for men or woman, main thing is pain of leaving and forgetting a person.

relationship breakup advice for her

Visited any orphanage or child care centers?

The best thing or best part of nature is a child. To be with them is to be near GOD. Just enjoy their innocence. Feel the pain as human of not having anyone and still living the best. Visiting a disabled welfare trust will make you forget each and every shade of darkness in your mind. you will love to see the kids without legs trying to pick a ball, with a pain in your heart. Those natural smiles, that innocence and the love they shower on you when they get slightest of attention is not comparable to any relation ever. When you are searching Relationship Breakup advice overcoming your negative thoughts, be a light in someone else’s life.

kids-in-new-orphanage relationship breakup advice for him

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Finally taking a look at our future, old age home

It is a very well said verse then when you feel unguided in your life just look at the most inactive corner of your home, your grandparents. To be with them is to be near an experience trousseau. The compassion, empathy and unconditional love what they can give is incomparable. They are full of experiences of life and know whats the best and actually standing on that verge of life where they know that now they have to start a new journey.

old-age-homes relationship breakup advice overcoming

To conclude, intention of this post was life is much, much beyond all relationships, sex, love, breakups. Being Human to another human is such a fulfilling feeling to enjoy. Enjoying harmony within the your conscious. Life is very beautiful and have lots of meaning and its quite worthy compared to any relationship, dates or breakups. Ya, it is part of life but not above every thing in life. Live life at its full and give a wonderful meaning to be the one!! I won’t say, these are the Best relationship breakup advice, but definitely it will give you inner peace.


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