When you have a dusky complexion, then sometimes, there are moments when you get confused, what kind of makeup or clothes will suit you for a particular event. Dusky beauties are blessed with the natural earthen metal skin tone, which gives a total highlight to the sharp features. But still when it comes to address some special occasion, you always need to look special and it calls for a makeup. The present nation’s heart throb Deepika Padukone is a dusky diva and her style of dressing and makeup is actually taking away the heart beats. The confidence that she wears on her face, enhance her entire beauty  and puts Indian beauty on the world map. There is no need to give any introduction to this dusky feminine beauty. She celebrates her birthday On 5th January. We wish Deepika padukone a very happy birthday. Deepika Padukone cleavage controversy, Deepika Padukone depression issues has already taken a toll and now her stand for my life, my choice for Homi Adjania videos on woman where Deepika Padukone is featured, shows that she stands out among the crowd.

Deepika Padukone in Saree

Do you remember her maiden appearance at Cannes film festival? Do you happen to observe the confidence she flaunted in the white saree? Earlier, wearing a Saree on international platforms were considered as totally out of fashion concept. Many Indian actresses were shunned because of this. But after Deepika’s appearance, she was appreciated for her looks and dressing style. You would love to see the perfect amalgamation of colors in her complete attire. She never tried to show her off as someone belonging to Hollywood, but someone from Bollywood is quite competitive. Here, we are decoding Deepika Padukone in Saree, but people search a lot for Deepika Padukone in Jeans and Deepika Padukone in Bikini or swim suit. Height of Deepika Padukone is 5 feet 9 inches, which gives her an impeccable look in any dress especially Saree.

deepika padukone in Saree

The white saree with the golden work represented the complete Indian essence of purity of a lady. Her dusky complexion was complementing the white color of her Saree. Her low bun hair style with slightly raised, middle parted hair looked so good on her round face. She has added minimal jewelry such as big earrings and hand accessories with a clutch in her hand.

The makeup is deliberately kept very mild with a matte foundation completely blending in her skin and giving it a glowing skin look. What is grabbing the maximum attention is her perfect cornered eye brows.

dusky deepika padukone in saree

There is a mild hint of matte golden eye shadow to match her dark brown eyes and the dark black winged eye liners are doing it all for her.

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Again for the cheeks, she has used the minimum Bronzer on it to give it a complete natural look. With the lips, she has preferred to go with an Indian touch, lipstick shade with two shades darker than her lip color.

dusky beauty deepika padukone in saree

So we are done with complete dissection of dusky, Deepika Padukone’s complete look at Cannes. But all you dusky divas, don’t forget that mysterious smile and the level of confidence, she is wearing.

This smile with a dimple on her cheeks can carry away any heart. Undoubtedly, she is ruling the hearts of Indian fans.

The Deepika Padukone cleavage show and skin show scandal has not at all brought her down in her fan’s view, but instead she has raised more fans by putting her strong views against a leading newspaper to maintain dignity of a woman. Deepika Padukone bold step on accepting her depression is still being appreciated.

Deepika Padukone proves that she is not just about her looks, but means a lot. People search for Deepika Padukone height, Deepika Padukone figure, Deepika Padukone legs, and huge number of fans searching for Deepika Padukone HD images, just because she is a beauty with a brains who has made her mark.

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