Dusky skin tone was a matter of concern earlier but now the females having dusky earthen metal complexions are being appreciated for the looks. Are you constantly waddling in a pool of misery, that you are two tones lagging in your fairness meter? Well, surprise! Surprise! Times are changing drastically ladies. The baked earthy complexioned lasses are the new ‘Belle Americaine’ now. It’s now the era of  “bronze skinned” divas.  The once described blueprint of ‘fair maiden with soft rosy features’ has made a side step of the lane these days. It’s the bronze sultry look which is now rocking the fashion world off, its  seems.

nicole dusky skin tone

Dusky Skin Tone

So, what sets apart this chocolaty from their milky counterparts? when asked a group of men aged 18-24, eight out of ten men found women of dusky complexion and sharp features are more desirable than fairer women with plain features. There is something tangy, spicy and mysterious about a dusky appearance. It makes a lady look real, attainable and sumptuous without looking plastic. No one can deny the fact that, there is something of an ‘earthy aura’ around a colored woman than a fair woman. Even though the ‘peaches and cream’ has been the brand ambassador for feminine beauty right from the start of our family tree, a dusky skin tone, sensuous  diva with chiseled features and a chocolaty hue and curves gets picked up in a guy radar much easily than a pale flawless beauty. Excluding  a few color blind idiots who rely on arm candies, no one can deny the classiness of Hale berry or the magnetic sultry look of hot Bipasha Basu.

Watch out for Bollywood Hot actress Dusky Beauty Deepika Padukone

dusky is sexy

Bright colors on a fair skinned woman has a loud screaming appeal while a baked earthy hue of a dusky woman embraces classiness giving her an elegant detail.

        Hot Deepika Padukone wallpapers              Deepika-Padukone-dusky beauty hot wallpapers

One epitome of idiocy  that female population have to knee in the shin and roll it down from mount Everest is the endless blah blah about ‘natural blemish free skin’. Oh please! There’s no such thing as flawless complexion unless you have a skin graft with a marble statue. Without concealers, toners and other cosmetic weapons ‘my fair ladies’ seem to struggle more in hiding flaws while dusky women have a clear advantage in this area as their skin is automatically geared towards concealing it.

And if you still feel like waging a war and peeling off your skin take a look at these dusky divas who made men drool over the years.

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Hale Berry hot wallpapers


              Ever heard of the term called “beauty with brains”? yeah, that’s Hale Berry for you. This classy bond girl was the first afro-american woman to bag academy award for her performance in ‘monster ball’

Naomi Campbell hot looks

dusky beauty

This “American Vogue” girl referred by Nelson Mandela as “honorary granddaughter” is a sensuous cocktail of Afro-jamaican-chinese descent. Spit fire or not Naomi Campbell is a true cosmopolitan beauty.

Rihanna dusky beauty

rihanna dusky beauty

                 This Barbados beauty frequently tops the 100 sexiest women list. Those magnetic eyes  and flaring  red hair has made men crazy since 2005.

Sexy Jennifer Lopez image

jlo dusky beauty

                      Peurto Rican beauty Jennifer Lopez has been constantly referred as the most influential Hispanic. With that milky chocolate skin tone and signature curves J-Lo is undoubtedly the hottest diva of the millennium to be immortalized as a Barbie doll.

Hot Rochelle Humes


“The Saturdays” girl Rochelle Humes is a heady package of sensuality, charity and mesmerising beauty. Thanks to her Sierra Leone descent and with  her flawless skin tone, chiseled features and fluttery eyelashes the “what about us” star is one glam mom.

Hot Bipasha Basu

dusky beauty

           Sexy Bipasha Basu gave the understated bronze look a new glam shine. Known for her bold on-screen  image and ‘in your face’ attitude  bombshell Bipasha Basu has been named by the UK based magazine Eastern Eye as “the sexiest woman in Asia”

But don’t let your left eye twitch, this isn’t entirely about light skin bashing. Every complexion has its own unique awesomeness.

Deliberately, we have pointed out beauties with dusky skin tone. Your confidence and attitude can take you a long way beauties.

Embrace your awesomeness  🙂


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