Easy Rangoli designs for Diwali is what I am planning to show you today. You can use these easy Rangoli designs for beginners, easy Rangoli designs with flowers, easy Rangoli designs with dots, and various other combinations to give your imagination, a flight.

Hey friends, Diwali in Gujarat has started from 23rd (festival of 5 days). The schedule became very hectic with firing little crackers with my kid. Watching city lights and decorations, cooking good food and finally preparing for regular lighting and Diyas at home. In midst of all these work, it became really difficult for me to create Rangoli for the first day of Diwali, but what came to my rescue and easy management was the availability of wooden Rangoli, plastic Rangolis and floating Rangolis with me. I am arranging few of the pics of the decorations to give an idea, how creativity can lead to amazing designs and saving of time. Above all, these Rangoli kolam designs are very good for limited space accommodations.

Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Easy Rangoli designs for DiwaliUsing this kinds of attractive easy Rangoli designs, not only create a new innovative impression, but it also saves time. It can be arranged at various corners of home. So that all corners sparkle with lights of Diwali.

diwali rangoli designs 2015

But whatever you do, never forget to celebrate everything with a traditional touch. It is OK that you don’t have time or space. It is always good to maintain the essence of the festival. You can prepare traditional easy Rangoli designs for Diwali with flowers around this handicraft to make it more attractive.

If you wish to create some awesome Rangoli Designs for competitions, festival or occasions, you can check our tutorial on Rangoli Designs step by step.

Rangoli for diwali 2015Use lots of Marigold flowers in all your decorations. This will give an authentic touch to the decorations that you are doing. It will add up to the essence of purity of Diwali festival in 2019. Arranging a bowl of floating flowers on the center table or on the shoe rack outside your flat also shows a welcoming sign for the Goddess Laxmi. People from South India create simple rangoli kolam designs with rice or flowers.

Change the Torans or welcome garlands on the main door. This will enhance the entire decoration and will give you the sense of happiness of doing something new. If you have plants or trees outside your home, then hang some long garlands of Marigold on that. This will give total new look to the area.

Decoration of Aarti Thali on Diwali for Laxmi Puja

It means a lot to many families, doing Laxmi Puja on the day of Diwali. It takes lots of effort to decorate the Thali, that is to be used to perform aarti of Laxmiji.

Aarti Thali decoration for Laxmi PujaArranging such ready made wooden Rangoli in the thali and placing the diya in between gives a grand look to the thali. You can put Abil, Gulal, sindoor and other stuffs required for the Puja in the corners that are left empty. You will love to see the overall happiness on the face of your family members. Using silver is also considered as auspicious for celebration so if you can consider it, then also it is a good suggestion.

This wooden Rangoli solution is pretty affordable and not hard on your pockets. If you are creative enough, then you can make it yourself and add glitter to the glimpse of Diwali. You can make simple rangoli kolam designs with this readymade Rangolis. Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali are the best for working woman.

Happy Diwali Celebrations in 2019 and enjoy as much as you can.


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