E-commerce is a term that you are probably familiar with and is one of the booming technology driven industries in the world. The internet browsing population is rapidly rising and so is the demand for online retailers. Have you chalked out a plan to take your products online yet?

The State Of The Market Today

Existing large retailers and well-funded, newly entering online stores are making investments in droves on the internet, ensuring that the message to consumers is clear – the online shopping format is here to stay, and the shopping experience online will continue to keep getting better. This exponential growth in demand is the reason for the increase in rate of which online businesses are springing up.

ecommerce solutions

Ensuring your business also has an able online strategy to sell more of your products is going to be crucial for the growth of your business. An online store that has a regular monthly turnover can be a great additional retail channel for your business and ensure you get to scale in your ability to serve more customers. You are going to want to make sure you have the best designed website in-order to keep customers returning. There are loads of shopify store design companies out there that are ready to help with your solution. The barrier to entry for getting online is not very high these days – all you need is the right choice of e-commerce software backing your venture up, online.

What Is E-commerce Software?

E-commerce software is the back-end of an online store. It is the software framework that lets you easily manage inventory, fulfil orders, calculate taxes, allows consumers to add and remove products and place orders on your store.

E-commerce solutions simplify the entire process and make it easy for you to deal with all the requirements of your online store, even if you’re not from a software engineering background. And although it makes running an online store a breeze, a web store is still a complex machine, as its job is to run an entire store and it must be equipped to seamlessly attend to hundreds of customers at the same time.

Types Of E-commerce Software

E-commerce software is of two basic types. However, each type has its own unique variations.

    • SaaS: SaaS stands for Software-As-A-Service is the most popular choice among online store owners these days. You don’t need any technical knowledge to run the show when you opt for SaaS-based e-commerce software. As a store owner, you can do almost everything with few clicks. All updates and newly-released features get added to the store automatically. Hosted e-commerce solutions are so evolved that you can also make customisations easily, something that was only possible with on-premise software in the past.
  • On-premise: On-premise ecommerce software solutions are typically used by traditional merchants. Only on-site developers can install and manage such solutions and you will require software coding abilities to fix bugs and problems, facilitate updates, and write code for your own additional feature sets.

When you choose SaaS software for your e-commerce store, you can launch your store in a much shorter time span than while using on-premise software. The cost involved is also less in the case of hosted solutions, you pay a setup cost and then monthly or percentages based on the number of transactions. Shopify, Zepo, BootmySale are some of the good companies out there in the market today.

How Ecommerce Software Help Run Businesses Online?

Even if you have a physical presence, having an online store is paramount. It helps your business scale easily on visibility and attracts more customers, all at a lower cost.

In order run an e-commerce store, you’ll need to embrace e-commerce software. The reasons being:

It Simplifies Marketing

E-commerce is booming and there are millions of online stores out there. Built-in SEO in e-commerce solutions ensure that your store is ranked well in organic search results, and that it gets easily noticed.

Manage Inventory

Whether you’re selling 20 products or 5000 products, you can inventorise your products easily, and that includes even products with multiple variants. It offers you an aerial view of each and every product your store has, along with their images and specifications.

Automates Processes

E-commerce software automate processes like taking orders, calculates shipping and taxes, and even manages e-mail campaigns with your user base.

A Great Customer Experience

Customers will come back to your site, if and only if, they have a pleasant experience at your store, and the correct e-commerce software solution will ensure that your shoppers get a seamless experience. If customers don’t find what they want, and find it fast, they’ll look elsewhere. Hosted solutions guarantee uptime and ensures that you store is live 24×7. If you want to find out more about how to expand on your customer experience.

The number of people shopping online and there are many who research your brand or are waiting to discover it, online. And in order to cater to such a huge number of customers, you need to choose the amongst the various e-commerce solutions India has currently.


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