It’s easy to be a social media columnist in today’s world. Just start with the word United, and you will have the reader’s attention. Add the word leggings, and you are laughing all the way to the bank. United, the all American airline, made headlines even before it dragged a passenger down the aisle last week. In March, two of its off duty staff wearing leggings were promptly off loaded, on the grounds that the dress was inappropriate. An action that sparked off debate on social media and made fashionistas take a second look, at leggings.

As a style statement, as an easy to wear apparel, and as an alternative to trousers, the form-fitting spandex made its maiden appearance in the 60s. In the early days, skirts were worn on top, and with fashion having a habit of coming round in a full circle, the trend now is skeggings, which is leggings attached underneath a skirt.

The pre-cursor to leggings is actually the Capri pant which Audrey Hepburn can be seen wearing in Roman Holiday. Lycra, a material developed by Dupont, became the medium for leggings as they gained popularity in the mid-70s. Also known as Yoga pants, leggings were the favored activity wear in gymnasiums in the 80s. Then came the blockbuster film, Flashdance in 1983, in which the protagonist played by Jennifer Beale wears leggings in her avatar as a dancer at night (she is a welder in daytime).


Leggings have never looked back since then, except for occasional brushes with law makers and nose up in the air airlines. In 2015, a lawmaker in Montana, USA, attempted to introduce a bill that would have made leggings illegal. Fortunately, rest of the legislature did not agree with his view that the garment was provocative and anyone wearing it should be arrested. What makes leggings so popular and why do people wear products such as these Luxury designer leggings?

  • Leggings are the ultimate pull-on-and-go garments, which means you can be out in a jiffy for a class or cinema.
  • Easy to maintain – toss them into the washing machine, hang out to dry, no need to fold or iron.
  • Ease of movement – walk, run, jump, twist or turn your legs with ease.
  • Comfort – woolen or fleece lined for winter, light weight cotton leggings for summer
  • Ideal for in-flight – the stretchable fabric scores high for flying, unless of course you are working for United.

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