Festivals of India has been an inspiration to write for many. It has endless aspects and endless celebrations.

It’s been a long, I was away from the blog. Needed some inspiration to drive me back here and finally, I am back to share some more beauties of living in India. Since, last two years, I am observing a kind of positivity and happiness in my behavior when the festive season starts here. And to add to it, it is just not the festivals of Hindus, but all religions have their festivals at the same times during this phase.

List of festivals of India

Here is a small attempt on the way festivals are celebrated in India and list of festivals mainly celebrated in Gujarat.

Festivals of India

There is a completely different way of celebrations in India. People move out on the roads. Too much of noise, road blocking, dancing on the roads and what not. When it is Holi in 2015 or any year, we move out on the bike with buckets full of colored water. Reach out to a friend’s place, have fun, eat some snacks and they join us to another friend’s place. Just like building a caravan. “Hum chalte gaye, karvan banta gaya“. Finally, getting back to home in the evening and again meeting these friends to have dinner together.

Holi 2014

Navaratri 2014 is going to be a great celebration, being a Gujarati festival. The moment the drum beats starts with traditional Navratri songs, it’s a bet, anyone can hold their feet. You will fall in love with those stepping and dance till you drop time. Those colorful Gujarati Chaniya Choli and traditional kurtas can take away anyone’s attention. This hot nation has got lots of hot dressing and hot traditions. Along with the Navratri celebration in Gujarat, Durga Puja is observed in West Bengal and eastern states. It is a very auspicious occasion and Puja is performed with full faith. And not to forget, all festivals start in August and follow a trail. Karva chauth, baisakhi, Lohri, Chandni Padva, Christmas, Onam and what not are in range from August to December, so you can say season of festivals have begun here.

Navratri 2014

Same way, there comes the biggest festival of India, Deepavali 2015. As per Hindu Calender, Diwali is falling on 11th November, 2015. It is not just the tradition to wish Happy Diwali to each other. But in total, it is a five day celebration of different Puja and finally, welcoming the new year. There too we burst crackers on roads, exquisite Rangolis design, meeting with friends and what not happens during the days of Diwali.

diwali 2014

Now, coming to the point, I find these festivals and its celebrations, the reason behind the strength of people living such day to day hard life. The regular breaks that we get because of the festivals not just in terms of holidays but from our routine lives makes us withstand any upcoming challenges.

Ganesh Visarjan

I found many people complaining in recent Ganesh Utsav of the road blocking. You will find huge processions on the day of Ganpati Visharjan on the roads. You would love to see super excited children and their parents, showing them thousands of form of their favorite God, Ganesha. But I have an argument, that we are a country of 1,25 crores, everyone has a different frame of mind, but do you see this festival bringing all on one platform? The way they dance, forgetting all the pain and problems. So much of happiness and energy, you can find in the environment. Yes, vulgarity is a factor that should be avoided, but not the enjoyment. When so many people stay together, everyone has to be given their own space. And the people celebrating should also understand.


It is said that you should ring the bells in the silent corner of the house to keep the energy moving. Same is the case with this festival and their celebrations. This makes India, Incredible India. I would suggest all of you to celebrate the festivals of India with total enthusiasm to stay away from all the stress and being positive in life.



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