Finding Fanny Story is something I wish to dissect today and share my experience of analyzing and reviewing a movie. When I was waiting for the person ahead of me at the Box Office to stop his bak bak and time pass with the person at the ticket window. There were two local businessmen standing behind me, discussing, which movie to get in. Mary Kom was not available, one of them said, let us go for Finding Fanny and the other side, “Hoi Kai”, means no way it is an English movie, don’t you understand by name. With a tint of smile, I got my ticket and entered the show 10 mins late.

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It was a beauty to watch this film. Deepika Padukone managed to look so flawlessly beautiful, just like a pretty girl next door. The landscapes of Goa are pictured in the most scenic way. All the five characters are woven in a beautiful way to make the film, interesting.

Naseeruddin Shah, playing the role of Fernando, Fredie always thought himself to be in love with a lady, who never loved him truly. He spent his entire life in an impression of love. His speech to his fellows on the trip, brings lots of humor in the situation.

Dimple Kapadia, a loud lady, protective towards her daughter in law and her attempts to attract attention keeps the situation in the movie, moving.

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Pankaj Kapoor has stolen the show with his extraordinary acting skill. A painter, Don Pedro, who is having very high thoughts about himself and his catchy dialogs, which we can rarely listen in Hindi movies. I can never forget the painting, that he created for Dimple Kapadia, still can’t help laughing, remembering the expression of her. His death or murder was taken so easily in the movie. This is life, if we know more, it pains more and if no awareness, then it welcomes a better life. The real philosophy of life explained in very simple manner.

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Deepika Padukone, a young widow, who is still a virgin. She takes life easily and her inner wishes as a widow, opening up hair clip, as she saw Arjun Kapoor or then sleeping together with him under the sky. All shot in just a very simple manner. Just think, if it is some other Hindi movie, then this scene would have been pictured in the most sensuous manner to titillate the viewer’s senses. Indian Hindi movies has lots of such picturisations where actor and actresses are sleeping together under the stars and thinking about their most beautiful memories of life or singing romantic songs. We can also have collection of sleeping together love songs for friends and couples to make this space more interesting.

Arjun Kapoor’s character was required, but could have been done by anyone.

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Finally, the alliance of Naseer sir, and Dimple Kapadia was much expected, but the ideology behind it is what explained in the end. Life just flows on. All you have to do is select the best out of it. It is you, who is supposed to decide on what you want to be happy or sad.

There is a moment in the movie when Deepika was crying and her mother in law wanted to catch the thief. She saw her, simply said, “ro Rahi ho” and went on. Just like that. Crying is also part of life and no exaggeration, that’s it. So, life is as simple as you make it. Don’t go for it like a general Hindi movie does, just enjoy. It is just a life, this will also pass on. So is the reason to call Finding Fanny Story a celebration of life.



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