Five popular festivals that give you a good reason to buy Gold

Festivals have always been an escape route to go out of line for some time and lavishly spend money on things you have been thinking to buy for a long time. People wait for the festive season to come as prices go lower than usual in almost everything. In these times, Gold is never left behind. In India, Gold is like an emotion to people and it is almost a ritual to buy gold during the festive season, irrespective of religion. People buy gold either to invest in it, to gift it, for some special occasion, or simply because they are obsessed with gold.

5 Most popular festivals to buy Gold

Five Popular Festivals That Give You A Good Reason To Buy Gold

  • Akshaya Tritiya: This festival is celebrated on the third tithi of the bright fortnight. It is celebrated among the Hindus and Jains. This day is believed to bring luck and good fortune to your life. On this day, most people buy jewellery to initiate a beginning in their life. People flock to the jewellery shop to buy gold and invest in it. There are different kinds of gold bangles design with weight of 22 carats available in the shop. These bangles are the most popular among ladies and the most bought too.
  • Janmashtami: This festival is all about celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna. People pray, dance and sing bhajans all day long. Many people buy a small gold statue of Lord Krishna for their home and worship it. These statues come in different weight. It is up to you, how much you are willing to invest in gold.
  • Eid-ul-Fitr: Even festivals of Muslims are celebrated by buying gold. It celebrates the end of the long fasting month named Ramadan. On this day, every Muslim is dressed in fine clothes to meet and greet people. Women especially have this day saved to groom themselves to look stunning. Women who love old school, hop to a jewellery shop to buy various kinds of gold jewellery.
  • Durga Puja: This festival is vastly celebrated by the citizens of Bengal all over India. 10 days of celebration goes to honour Goddess Durga. Girls especially do all the shopping for those 10 days. As this festival is celebrated with full zeal, people crowd the jewellery shop to buy gold pendant set designs like the image of Durga on it as a symbol of peace and harmony. Many people gift gold to their near and dear ones too.
  • Dhanteras: This day is marked as the beginning of the five days of Diwali and buying gold is considered to bring luck and good charm in the house. People worship the Goddess of wealth Laxmi on this day and buy gold of various kinds like bangles, pendant, earrings, nose rings and even finger rings.

Gold give definition to women’s beauty and make them look beautiful more than ever. Gold and Women surely have an endless love affair which can never end; it is a pure love and knows no bound.