Flirting tips are the most sought about thing in recent times. Flirting tips for the guys in college, flirting tips through texting, flirting tips for woman and flirting tips for gals, oh God, such vast subject and topic to cover.

Flirting tips for women

Is there a guy who makes you flatter with his killer looks. Those brown eyes with a naughty smile or those cute winks and teasing, makes you feel as if he likes you. Well girls, this artful playfulness is what we call ¬†flirting. Remember the diva Marilyn Monroe giving protean signals to Cary Grant in Monkey Business by touching her hair sensuously. Her indirect gestures drove the man crazy. Statements like “OMG, she is a heaven on earth with a slight wink”, is none other than a kind of indirect intimacy. Yeah, it looks like love, but has a mild approach towards serious relationships.

Flirting in itself is an art of playfulness. When those deep drowning eyes makes you mad and the urge of flirting arrives. All I know is to kiss those beautiful red pouty lips and wanna feel those tender hands are some of those which we found ourselves making when an attractive thing passes by. So is it serious?? Is it love? The brain juggles. I think, you have got a better idea for flirting tips for a guy or a gal in general now.


The Flirting thing is the one of a kind, when the beauty arrives it attracts the opposite sex to crave and get the hold of it, but after that attention is got the play precedes. Genes makes us to do, getting attracted and craving attention and then feeling the other person’s presence is what flirting looks for. The wanna Be’s have seen to be showcasing their bodies as flattery and attractive in order to hold attention. So, when a man arches, stretches and blow cigarettes is what attracts the ladies the most. He indirectly shows his desire to hold attention. Physical attribution for flirting. ūüėČ

Men are naturally great in flirting skills. They hold the natural talent to wink, smile and throw a tantrum to woo woman.

A super sexy smile is a big turn on
A super sexy smile is a big turn on

On this, Evolutionary history suggested that a flirting plan is wired into us, and that it has been embedded in our genes and in our brain’s operating system, the same way and for the same.


Flirting is somewhere embedded in the bedrock of indirect gestures made by man and woman. When a female smiling at a male, then arching her brows to make her eyes wide, having somewhere a hidden desire to get attention by the male sitting next to her. And after getting the desired attention it reaches to the next level of their heads moving closer, their fingers inches from each others, playing with salt shakers or utensils. Whoops! An “accidental” finger touch, then perhaps some digital “dirty dancing,” more touching and leaning in cheek to cheek. So here is the sequence-attention, recognition, dancing. Since the earlier times until now, the sequence is the same¬† : look, talk, touch, kiss, will do the deed. So his signs and her signs varies by their gestures, but aims at the same thing , to get the desired attention. So, Ladies if the man you desperately want to hold is standing next to you and you can do nothing to touch him. Just pretend to trip and wait for him to catch you. Take longer than usual to recover and let him hold you close. Compliment him on his strong biceps and make him go gaga.

keep close eye contact
keep close eye contact – flirting tips

Thence, it is a skill in itself which needs creativity and intellect for whom your soul is dying for or just a time pass thing. So if there is a guy, who attracts you or a girl whose eyes make you mad then enter the trio combo of creativity, humor and intelligence. But beware of your purpose or other person’s purpose who is trying to flirt as some people flirt simply for amusement, with no intention of developing any further relationship. This type of flirting sometimes face disapproval from others, either because it can be misinterpreted as more serious, or it may be viewed as cheating, if the person is in a serious relationship with someone else. And results in complications ahead, so if you are going to casually like someone then go ahead with your purpose with no strings attached while making the person aware of this every single time you pass a flirty comment and it will be better if the other person also take it casually. But in the middle of your flirting if you actually start liking her and ensure that this casualty has resulted to the selfless feeling called love, then the time has come to take it to the next level, where casual flirting can turn into romantic flirting with only one intention behind. It is because now you want to hold that person strings attached with you. Summing up in words will be like staying true to at least yourself actually helps.


Casual flirting is what your psyche needs, if you like him just because he looks cute and keep it light, but if in between your talks you found yourself standing under the tree of love then surely make him know about it without hesitation because maybe he doesn’t feels the same and the more you ‘ll keep it a secret the more pain it will bring and it will definitely complicate your connection. So if it is mild then keep it as it is and if you cannot, then move ahead with no grudges, as a¬† thing of beauty¬† sometimes isn’t¬† a joy forever. wink wink.

Enjoy flirting tips may it be guy or a gal.