I always wondered about the popularity of Rajini Sir, the way even every respectable person calls him with respect. Even reading Rajinikanth jokes or dialogues are fun, but when we take his name respect comes automatically, so what makes Rajini Sir so respectable?

People know Rajinikanth, Rajni Sir as a Superstar. People across the world think he is known for his acting, style, and punch dialogues and so on. It is true but more that that he has inspired many people’s lives in many ways. He means different things to different people which recognized the actor in him. Some like his heroic exploits; Some like his off-screen simplicity and a few others take his life as an inspiration from the way he has reached the top from nowhere. His popularity is incomparable to any other movie industry star. Rajni Sir is respected everywhere because of his overall aura and humbleness. To just have a thought on how famous he is, you would be surprised to know that he is worshipped as God at innumerable places. Rajnikanth temples are built to worship him. Born as Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, in dearth poverty to raising to immense popularity and king like life, along with it a real down to earth, understanding person made him thailavar, the real boss.

‘Annamalai’ made him Superstar
And Baasha directed by Director Suresh Krishna pushed Rajinikanth to greater heights and revealed that he is someone who knows his audience.

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Why Rajinikanth is so popular?

One of the veteran directors of Indian Cinema, K S Ravikumar says, “We show Rajini as a
lovable and honest person in films. In real life too, he is living in a such way. That’s why I think people adore him as they find no difference between the two”. His off screen charity works makes him respectable.
Rajnikanth’s film Sivaji earned him 26 crore payment which made him highest paid actor after Jackie Chan. Sivaji was acclaimed as top ten film of United Kingdom and South Africa on release.

King Khan paid a tribute
No wonder even the King Khan Shahrukh paid a tribute by singing ‘All the Rajini fans – Thalaivar’ in his latest super hit Chennai Express which is again a respect shown for Rajini from Bollywood.

From Six to Sixties
Rajini is simple, stylish, and spiritual and that explains his uniqueness and a down-to-earth film star. It is the rags-to-riches story of him which makes the superstar a favorite of the masses. He has a huge fan-following, post Sivaji – MGR era. He is best known for his popularity and appeal, largely drawn from his mannerisms and stylized delivery of dialogue in films. Rajini’s dialogue and Rajini jokes shows the kind of popularity he is having among the people and shows his huge fan base and fan clubs.

I live in reality; not that you see on silver screens – Super star RAJINIkanth known for his simplicity
Usually, film stars worry about their appearance, and coming to revealing of their age, they would keep a lid on it. Rajini is one who cares a little on that and just comes out even without make up, his semi bald-head and grey hair showing. He wants to be realistic. This is why people love him. Rajini acts in front of the camera but never behind it.


Rajini never celebrate his birthdays
Rajini never mislead his fans or take advantage of them. He is the only actor who downplays even his birthdays. Usually, on his birthdays he would escape from the fanfare in Chennai, to unknown Himalayan destinations for solitude and introspection. Rajinikanth’s birthday is celebrated on 12th of December. There are special Ranjinikanth’s birthday songs and videos, which his friends have made to show their dedication towards him.

Rajinikanth’s popularity in Japan
One of the reasons why Japanese knew Tamil Nadu is because of the cultural export of Tamil Nadu to Japan through Rajinikanth starrer ‘Muthu ‘ in 1998. The success of Muthu was so etched in the minds of Japanese people that they started consuming Indian entertainment movies from then. His movie Robot was also a big hit in Japan. There was a time, when he tried to make a mark in Bollywood, but now his south movies are dubbed in Hindi and people toll at Box office to watch his movies.

Fans about Rajini
Mr Loganathan – A Rajini fanatic for the last 25 years
“After watching Baasha, I decided to become an auto driver. I was so inspired by the film that I resigned my job at ration shop,” says Loganathan.

Mr Kavin – A Chennai Resident who lives in US
“I was never a big follower of Rajinikanth yet I realized that I could not take anyone, especially non-Tamil speaking people commenting against him,” says Kavin Anburaj

Rajini’s image, wallpaper, jokes and movies are always hit

People used say that most of Rajini’s image was constructed in films. He always follows and respects the Directors and Writers irrespective of their age/experience.

This is what makes Super star Rajinikanth- thalaivar, the boss.


  1. Rajnikanth’s film Sivaji earned him 26 crore payment which made him highest paid actor after Jackie Chan.

    Is that’ the simple reason, he took Rs /- 60 Crores at the age of 64 to be highest paid actor or planning on
    entering into the ‘mud of dirty politics career’.

    Usually, he never takes a ‘paisa’ for most of his movies, as per my own research on MAN of the Masses :
    The Rajni (The Super Star).

    Chandra V Pakala
    N.R.I Resident

  2. Most talked in the last quarter business @ Entertainment Industry : Lingaa Movie Actor : RAJNI : Is that’ the simple reason, he took Rs /- 60 Crores at the age of 64 to be highest paid actor or planning on entering into the ‘mud of dirty politics career’ ahead ?

    Does an individual really needs to be in ‘Politics as a Career’ to do public service, or the Peoples who are really in Politics are doing Public service or helping the masses ?

    Ex : My Grandparents legacies, they were never in Political posts, but they always served the poorest sections of the communities and societies. That’s the same and similar legacy of work I did till last quarter 2014.

    (Famously Called By Americans)

  3. RAJNI SIR (MAN OF THE MASSES) : I don’t know what you do with your money sir (That’s none of my business), but the Ticket + …N, I bought here in USA $25 (Rs/-.1500) you should give it to the ‘poorest sections of a children (On the streets of Chennai) for his education’, so that he get’s an opportunity to study. That’s exactly what my uncles used to do with the movie tickets. Childhood bed time stories for me to listen, learn and do it right.

    Chandra V Pakala
    NRI Resident
    Richfield, MN, USA.


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