Go Girl and follow your dreams is one of the most widely heard one liner but the real question lies in our freedom to express and grow which doesn’t come by living in a cage of other people’s ideologies and advices but from the inner sense of realization and utmost freedom to be unique and choosing on your own.

tumblr_mxwshyfjrh1ser894o1_500So,what the word freedom means to a girl? The word is a deficient ingredient in many of the females psyche because of the sense of insecurities and tensions rolling over their heads consistently.When we choose to be free,we choose to be contented because its the sense of living based on our conditions with no attention paid to what others have to say about it.

black-camera-cute-girl-photography-favim.com-144153Wanting to be someone you are not is a waste of time which irritates a person’s being until the core.When the impositions are made, every thing becomes tricky and the whole situation becomes complex.Its like some cultural differences, when she really want to go somewhere and feel the cool breeze but end up sitting in her room and only

largefantasizing.That fear of getting rejected and afraid of doing what you want when she is going to ask about whether she can do what her heart says makes her acceptable of the fact that it is not her spirit to be chased for but the people’s reaction and their wants.Slowly she starts working according to these impositions and forgets to feel free as a spirit.
The freedom to choose everything in life on your own is a bold procedure which provides innermost satisfaction to the being. Living for oneself is the primary step towards happiness which emerges after setting your being free to choose the way you like or the way you want everything should be.

ftmb2So where does this freedom comes from? Its not that the moment you get out from your closet, you will be sensing the air of freedom but its when your being is at its uttermost peace and tranquility that it can generate the power of thinking thoughts based on your own understanding and expressing it to the outer world fearlessly.That courage is the real freedom which every girl should possess.

6814-my-committment-i-claim-my-feminine-power-now-i-am-my-own_380x280_widthActual Freedom lies in believing in the “individual uniqueness” and it is one of the boldest decision any person could take as many of us are living in a world where opinions of others matters somewhat more than our own perceptions.It has been portrayed by a great mystic that “The moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom”. Fear of further disappointments makes us go crazy and we start becoming afraid of what the crowd has to stay about our opinions.The Fear creates illusions while Freedom gives wings to a person.

dont-follow-the-crowdIt doesn’t matter if you are not fit for those who offer an opposite opinion as per yours as being an individual is the only beauty.Compromising your own choices and opinions for the other person is a destruction one does to self so if your heart says that you want to do something but you compromise it for another person,you are actually loosing the power of choosing on your own.So, stick to your position¬† that will give you stamina, strength, a certain integrity.

tumblr_m7nync15XR1r2h1umo1_500Do what you have to do and say what you have to say with a slight remembrance that whatever is happening with you is because you wanted it to be that way and if you are living in a stressed mood ,it is you who is responsible for it.However, make choices wisely and choose your freedom to be basically you.The ancient weakened psychology of women cannot precede now as it is you who is responsible for the misery and let others do the same.With no more self judging and condemnation get out of your own way and shine your light with the wonderful uniqueness you all carry.




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