How to get beautiful nails? Nails look beautiful when they are healthy and strong. French Manicure at home short nails can provide strength as well as timeless beauty to your hands and nails. How to rate a woman’s beauty? Some woman has great features, some have great figure, some flaunt long legs and some have beautiful hands. Every inch of being a woman is precious and beautiful. From head to toe a woman body is alluring in its own way and woman tend to be more seductive with additional parchments for her beauty. So why should nails of a woman be left behind. Beautiful nails with dazzling shine on it, itself is enough for flaunting those lovely fingers in style. Nail of a girl is just a tip of fingers or toes, but they have power of attracting any head towards them. In order to keep this lovely lethal tool of a woman beautiful, the nails, let us go through some beautification techniques for the nails at home. French Manicure is one of the technique to keep nails healthy and strong. French manicure has crossed a century and has always been in trend. Though french manicure proves to be a costly affair in salons and parlors, today, we are targeting for French Manicure at home short nails tutorial.

What is a French Manicure?

Manicure is a technique of massage and cleaning of hands, nails and cuticles to maintain beauty and strength of hands and nails. French Manicure is specially given the name as this particular technique of stating an undertone shining nails with white tip with pink or nude nail area was discovered somewhere in France.

Many kinds of French Manicure has come up with an evolution in beauty and fashion world. Paraffin wax manicure treatments where hands are dipped in warm paraffin wax solution to have a layer of paraffin on skin and moisturize the skin.

The other one is Hot Oil Manicure treatment where different types of oils such as olive oil or other beauty related oils are used to moisturize the skin and strengthen the cuticles.

Artificial Nails are also available to give a look of French Manicure nails and you can do it at home with some simple steps. Artificial nails look beautiful, but they are temporary and don’t guarantee strength of nails and soft skin like actual French Manicure for hands and nails.

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How to do French Manicure at Home short nails?

Never pity yourself for having short nails. Your hands will look beautiful and attractive with french manicure for short nails done in a right way.

  • Keeping your nails hygienic and healthy makes your hands look glowing and ravishing. If you have nail polish, nail gel or nail lacquer on your nails wipe it off with cotton and nail polish remover. Prefer to have an acetone free nail polish remover to keep your nails healthy and avoid brittle nails in long run. french manicure at home short nails- how-to-strengthen-nails

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  • Soak your nails and hands in warm water. Warm water is relaxing and at the same time it provides a therapeutic soothing sense. It softens skin, open pores, clean out impurities from nails and skin.


  • Take some lemon juice, mix some capsules of Vitamin E, Olive oil. Lemon juice works as disinfectant and a cleansing agent, Vitamin E adds in strength of nails and beauty of skin. Olive oil moisturizes skin and nails. Massage or hand gently and provide light strokes on fingers and nails area to give a relaxation feeling. Lemon will whiten your nails. It will also make cuticle removing task easier. This is a good step for doing French Manicure at home without a kit.

french manicure at home short nails- lemon-for-nail-whitening

  • Push cuticles backward with a blunt surface material. It is very easy  to get this cuticle trimmer in the market. It is also available in nail cutter set.

Cuticle removing for french manicure at home

  • Apply moisturizer to make cuticle removing easy and pain free task.


  • Give the best shape you like to your nails. There is a huge debate on shape of nails for french manicure, but I would say prefer the one you like. You can shape them with rounded edges of the nails. Nails can also be kept sharp at edges.


  • For French Manicure at home short nails, you can acquire the best precision with tape. French Manicure at home with tape, you need to cut tape in the desired shape of your nail tips and stick the tape at the edges of the nails. Before that apply a base coat of pink, nude or transparent nail color on your nails.

how to french manicure at home with tape

  • In case, if you happen to litter out the white tip, don’t panic. Take a o to 2 point color brush, dip it in nail polish remover and with mild strokes remove the extra color on skin around.
  • Apply one more coat of pink and white color and top it with final coat of strengthening transparent nail base to maintain nail color for longer period of time.

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manicure-tips french manicure at homeWith this simple steps of French Manicure at home with short nails too, you will dazzle and prove to be a show stealer. Soft skin and shiny nails can grab all attentions. Don’t forget to regularly massage your hands and nails to maintain the beauty.