There is GOSF on every corner of the pages, I surf. I do shop online, but not a big online shopping monger. So, I gathered all details about GOSF. GOSF stands for Great Online Shopping Festival. It was a venture started by Google in India in 2012, by collaborating with many e-commerce sites. It did not turn out so well in 2012 and people were disappointed, but in 2013 it was declared a success event and was extended by a day. Even companies, who joined them have claimed of better sale during GOSF. GOSF for 2014 has started from 10th Dec and it will end on 12th December.

People are expecting huge discounts and many new technology gadgets are being launched during this great online shopping festival. It is a real big event this time, as more than 450 online shopping portals have joined. Nexus 6, Appystore and chrome cast are being launched during GOSF.

How right is the launch of GOSF?

So far, India was dominated by retail marketers. There were chains of state distributors then state wholesaler then stockist and after passing through many such levels and commissions, things were reaching to end customers, which resulted in additional money to be paid by the customers. When online portals are launched, things can get a better clarity and direct pick from the manufacturer, which can result in discounts. Presently, during the Diwali time, there was huge rage among the retailers about the online markets. Such online festivals are enough to break monopoly of certain markets and will make all sort of businesses upright to perform there best and value customers.

Though, I have a slight clinch of timings of GOSF in India. Though India has such huge population with all castes and creeds, but Diwali is the right time for all sorts of shopping. This is not my opinion, but a trend of India, where a complete home decorated along with the people living inside it. May it be Dhanteras or Pushya Nakshatra. By that time, people do so much of shopping that November and December is resting period here. Christmas and New year are good for celebration, but people tend to buy just one or two pair of dresses, cosmetics and few accessories. There is no connection for festival oriented shopping during this period in India.

During the time of Diwali, people find it really difficult to manage the budget and time to complete the shopping, at that time such online shopping festivals can create wonders in the life of people.


GOSF 2014

Above all Google is making this shopping festival worth enjoying just like a carnival. It is so good to see all online portals on one platform and people benefiting with discounts.

Benefits of Great Online Shopping Festival – GOSF

A comparison can be easy for purchasing. Because of the competitive environment all online portals will beĀ  involved in attracting maximum customers and offering big discounts. In such case, ultimate benefit lies with the customers.

A reminder to shopping mongers

Sitting in AC cabins and purchasing things, working and eating won’t give you the pleasure of moving around in the streets, having a great time eating popcorn, chat, and sandwiches and shopping. So, give your life an equal balance. Give your weekends a space, where you can enjoy fresh air and enjoy shopping in the streets and malls as well.

Make a list of products that are very much necessary and don’t overdo any purchases that can put you in tight conditions later on, in this world of credit cards.

Make the best of GOSF and enjoy this Google initiative.



  1. Hey that was a great outlook you had about the timing. Apparently, it is only india where shopping and stuff are really high around Diwali; however, excluding India, almost rest of the world is in the same zone around Christmas. This is almost pre-Christmas shopping and mostly electronic cause that’s what the other world is mostly opting for (Other word: excluding India). Thus, Google might considers this as its best time ever – the end of the year for bringing out such festive offers to the shoppers’ delight.

    • Thanks Mancy.. GOSF 2014 10th to 12th Dec is specially for India. I had done so much of shopping during Diwali (when the world around you is completely on a go, everything decorated, lighted and the festivities all around, who would not love to join) then as per normal Indian or Gujarati tendency to leave for a outstation vacation after Diwali so hope Google will understand the trend some day. I would also love to join the other parts of the world and celebrate Christmas,may be in next few years outside India.


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