Nothing’s more satisfying to a guy than watching a nice cat fight between pretty ladies over ‘petty stuff’. And the ‘petty stuff’ is ?? Yeah you got that right people-jealousy. Jealous girls are everywhere especially when the female population is hardwired to be green with envy. No girl can deny that insidious flare of envy,  when your best girlfriend is ranting out of the world things about her boyfriend 24/7. Are you envy with your friend?. ‘Territorial instinct’ is what psychologists point out .  ‘Guy saving instinct’ is what I call it. Yeah, that’s right, 10 out of 11 ‘difference of opinion’ also known as cat fights is mostly because of a guy. Accept it girl, “I am envy”. As much as we women just love to complain about men, we could learn a lot from them in this department. Although men do occasionally put each other down to make themselves look better, women take it to a whole next level.  These jealous girls can even be your friends-frienemies they say, or just another hag from hell who hates you for who you are. Well, I’m no Dr.Dipstick  ,but all I can say is I’ve been there. So, now is the time for the million dollar question –how to give that floozy a run for her money??


 Downright easy girlies!! Green is not the color, that will suit you. Don’t be green with Envy.

Act confident


Even if you don’t feel much like ‘I rule the world’ try giving your best shot. Be yourself and stand apart from the crowd. Since her primary goal is to thwart your confidence. Seeing the opposite will only make her feel so dead and that’s actually a good thing right?? *snickers*

Flash those pearls

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One of the best weapons to deal with jealous mean hags is to give them your million dollar smile. Try smiling whenever you see her. Never give her the satisfaction of seeing your A7A face.

Don’t be the drama queen


Be generous enough to let her be the drama queen. You wouldn’t know how much of a fool she’ll make herself infront of others. Yes, dealing with jealous meanies can be quite tiring  but never let yourself go bonkers infront of her. Even when she creates a scene, give her a half smile and a mental smirk. She can clearly see the ‘ go home bitch you’re drunk’ message.

Let off that steam

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But, if you really feel like cat fighting then try writing in a diary to let off that steam. Talking to someone also helps. Never start a fight. Some girls can be fickle but you’re only making it worse by doing that.

Dress to kill

You can actually see her fuming when you dress better than her. Try unique designs. Flaunt your assets. If you have pretty hair then make sure she notices it. If you have a good figure, wear clothes that accentuate it. Wear make-up but don’t overdo it. If she gives snide remarks, never fear to retaliate WITH that million dollar smile. Tell her how much you actually appreciate her for noticing your style in detail. You can very much see her ‘cat got my tongue’ look by then *wink wink*

Don’t be the ‘Mean Girl’


Never stoop to her level. Always try highlighting the fact that you’re made of better stuff than her. Don’t let her negative feelings for you dictate your feelings. This is a way to free yourself from the cyclical power of negativity. When she calls for a truce, don’t throw her words at her face, rather accept it but keep a watchful eye.  And that brings the possibility that you might actually get to like her even with her nasty ways.

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A good lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) once said “no one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” Life isn’t a competition. But, there are some dumb ‘boilers’ who just love to proclaim to the world, that they exist solely to give a real ‘good time’. Nah , just give them a ‘meh’ look and kill yourself laughing *ROFL*. If you are envy of something, be cool. Accept it ” I am envy“. Enjoy the time being “green with envy”


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