Happiness is the truth. If you study the real purpose of human life, you will understand that staying in the state of happiness in whatsoever condition satisfies the real purpose of human life. Sachchidanand = Sat + Chit + Anand, Sat means “nirantar” always, chit means state of mind, Anand means happiness. People come to India to learn spirituality and understand purpose of life. Real essence of a human life is explained in this one word. If you can attain the real state of Sachchidanand, you have won the stage of Nirvana.

Happiness Is The Truth

Though we are no expert, but a shallow deep in the ocean of spirituality can bring light to many aspects of life.

Stay Natural

Being natural is the most important component of the state of happiness. Its when I carry all my ordinary habits and feel blessed about each of them. When there is no greed of becoming special or extraordinary to achieve happiness, the real circle of happiness gets established by itself. Go for your true self and you will find an everlasting joy existing deep within your own-self.

happiness is the only good

Your happiness depends on you

Happiness doesn’t have to do with the daily circumstances. It is a choice. Life is an outcome of our own choices. What we choose is what we get invariably. One should be aware of picking the right things and ignoring the awry. This is me who is accountable for all my sufferings and now when I am aware of this fact, I will not choose it anymore, one should repeat these lines whenever necessary. Life is composed of people who choose to be happy and those who wants to stay miserable. Remember ! choice is all yours.

happiness is the only good


Money is just an illusion

A well known quotation goes like “Money can’t buy happiness but its more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle”. Yes, money is a mean to enhance your life patterns, to make you feel comfortable but what if a person is already miserable, what the money can do with such kind of person. It will make the person more miserable as it will help that person to enhance their misery, where no scope of happiness is possible. Happiness depends on your state of mind where money is only an illusion to bring you unfulfilled happiness. One can always stay happy whether money is present or absent. It just follows your state of being. So, at-least stay happy so that it may add to your happiness rather than miseries.

happiness is the only good

Log kya kahenge – eradicate dependency on opinions of others

Happiness should be specific to a person which should not get interrupted by another person’s opinion. No validation and approval is required, when it comes on making choices of your life. If a person constantly looks at others to give an opinion regarding his or her life then happiness is not going to knock the door.This means that the person’s happiness is not real and it can be interrupted by anybody in fact eventually that very person smiles to other person with an intent to receive an opinion only, but it is simply a fake expression of looking happy when actually you are not.


Accept hardships, just like good times

The one who accepts everything the way it comes is definitely a cheerful person. Accepting the moments of sorrow is also an essential part of a contented life. Life is comprised of both the elements of sadness and happiness and both of them are important for this existence. The light when emerges in the darkness is eternal and have its own value but the darkness still remains, because it is the another dimension. Understanding the actual worth of life by accepting both the poles of life determines positive attitude of a person. Its like, I cherish all the moments, Life is bringing to me.

happy woman

Feel the gratitude for each moment

Every moment brings something; sadness or happiness. One should be capable of finding joy in every moment. Grab the current moment and feel the gratitude for what you have, with all your heart. Tomorrow has not arrived yet, so it is a wastage of time to think about it. Be Happy for this moment.This moment is your life.

The famous entity Dalai Lama once said : “Happiness is not ready made. It comes from our own actions”. So you Be aware of what you do and what you choose because in the end we all are just humans striving towards peace and tranquility in one or the other phase of life.




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