Happy Women’s Day Images And Messages with cards and quotes. Celebrate international women’s day with ItsEvalicious. As we all know, Evalicious is celebration of womanhood. Let us have a big bang on the day.

March 8 is fondly celebrated across the world as Women’s day also remembered as IWD (International Women’s Day). For me women’s day does not need any demarkation of achievement’s of women. The term womanhood itself is a blessed being.

A woman is a gift of God to the universe. You name it as an energy to bless, to love and propagate mercy. It’s all in one phenomenon called a women, a mother, a wife, a girlfriend, a lover and what not.

Happy Women’s Day Images And Messages

Let us move along with some beautiful women’s day cards, images with messages. It shall also be accompanied by some latest women’s day quotes, sayings and quotations.

Happy Womens Day (4)

  1. No Empowerment, No reservation, No support is required to bring a woman in the front row. A woman herself is the most powerful creation. She just needs to tap her internal energy.
  2. Never consider a woman helpless. Though she is the most selfless, but the moment she will be reckless. The world will be lifeless.

Happy Womens Day 2018

3. A piece of advice for the woman of today – Take care of yourself. You are precious. Love yourself. If you are happy the world is the best place to live for everyone.

4. You are a nurturer, a creator, a mentor. Now the time says, a happy mother nurtures a new happy being. This is the call of time. Keep your lady happy to make the world, a place to live.

Happy Women's Day Images And Messages cards

5. What a man would be without a woman? An incomplete saga.

6. What a kid would be without a mother? A barren land, thirsty for love.

Happy Women's Day Images And Messages quotes and cards

7. Love your mother, a woman in her has sacrificed a lot to create a being, that is you.

8. Oh Lady, the day, you will understand your potential, there is no point in discussing about woman’s right left.

Happy Women's Day Images And Messages

9. The first woman, in my life is you. You were the one, who taught me love. Dear Mom, Love you the most.

10. God created you for me. A mother, a woman, and my best friend. So blessed to have you in my life.


Latest Happy Women’s Day Quotes, Messages and Text

11. A wife, a mother, a daughter in law, an axis of any family would be just a woman. My dear lady, no one in the world does have the quality to sail through all these roles and responsibilities.

12. A woman is like a twinning creeper. If she finds the tree of love, she will wrap around her entire existence.


13. March 8, Is it the only day to remember a saga called woman. I shun the people, who celebrate today and forget to respect her from the next day.

14. Don’t celebrate women’s day, until and unless you truly love the one in your life.


15. When you open your heart to love us, it is like wrapping us in the blanket of warmth with all the cozy comfort in our small den. Love you for being their in my life, my wife. Women’s day message for your wife.

16. You truly are the one who has brought the meaning to me and my life. Be their permanently with all your love. Women’s day message for your gf, love.

Women's Day Images And Messages

17. Women’s day Message: On this day, all the women in the world pledge to let our species survive. No female fetus eradication should be encouraged by other woman. If I am a mother in law, I will allow my DIL to live life. If I am a daughter in law, I will understand my MIL. Love to the most precious creation of God.

18. Extremist Have shown, what frightens them the most: A girl with a book – Malala Yousuf Jhai


19.¬†Women’s Day Images And Messages – This day only people will circulate messages and images to show their respect on social media. Circulate all this, only if you can ask yourself, if you match the standards.

Latest Women’s Day Images and Messages

20. Let us stop celebrating women’s day till the time, we stop the atrocities on woman. Sometimes, your beauty becomes your biggest enemy. As you are the most beautiful creation of God, you suffer the most.


Do you think, women’s day calls for a celebration? Women are equal part of society. Each and every day is a women’s day. Let’s pledge to give our society the best. Inculcate in our kids the real respect for women. Download and send this¬†Women’s Day Images And Messages to your friends with a special message.