High School reunion, always this word enchanted me. Always had memories of old school friends. That childish behavior, those loving hugs, that innocence always called me. But somewhere in hustle bustle of life, you get yourself so busy that you put these loving people and memories aside. I was continuously brooding over the time left behind and above all the people. Today I wish to share my high school reunion stories.

high school reunion

And finally, one fine day, thanks to all these modern days, android technologies. Got to meet all my friends with the Android App WhatsApp. Oh, what a warm welcome. I was one among them. I never had to search a single moment where I can’t find myself out of the pond. I was so happy to be with them. You can say a process of rejuvenation began.

high school reunion

We all decided to meet up and finally that happened, high school reunion. We were meeting after 18 yrs of our life. There was warmth in the entire arena. All were excited. I can’t say that kid thing that we all became kids, but yes, I would say, it is the best to have your kids’ day friends with you for a lifetime. All the high school reunion planning started. For a reserved person like me, conversing with them was so easy. Everything was like a flow of river that was just moving happily. It was like an open book chat system. Nothing formal.

It is so general, that we all want to know about each other, share what has happened in all those years with them. Here, you are just you. Anyone can be any person in his or her work field. It may be the case, that you achieved all the heights in your career, but here you are still that same person who used to learn A, B, C, D of life sitting on a bench together with all these people. Some of your friends can have a heart touching story or some can have a very simple and easy life. If you are an observer like me, you will wonder what this system of God is? This is my personal experience of high school reunion stories.

High School Reunion

To add the cherry on the cake, we met with our kids in the garden for high school reunion. It was one more matter of fun. It is good to see yourself reflected in your kid. It’s a delight to see your kid playing with your friend’s kids, enjoying the same way like we used to do. I was more than excited to make my kid meet my friends. Perhaps, he can understand someday, that what is more important in life is the relationship that you share. Looking back at life always preaches you this lesson.

The day came to an end. It was high time to depart. Still snapping pics and taking videos were not stopping. Everyone was clinging to one another. Finally, the promises began, to meet up once again. Though, it is simple for people staying in the same cities. May be, we can have it repeatedly. Not sure that even after staying in the same city, we met after 18 long years. But I wonder about friends separated by huge distances. They must be lacking such bliss of life. It is not just an enjoyment but that feeling of being yourself. A spiritual person like me can express it in a way that it can actually take you to so many diversified thoughts and above all once again asking myself, this is what I need in life, then why do I keep on running all the time? So my day ended with a rejuvenated high school reunion.


  1. Very nicely expressed, Twinkle 🙂
    Reunions are fun.
    But, as you have rightly mentioned, difficult to arrange of friends stay in different cities, separated by thousands of miles…
    Hope I get to attend one in this life!


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