¬†Hillary Clinton Biography, the first lady of United States of America once now first female to stand for the election of Presidential Candidate. The world was taken by storm, when Bill Clinton became President of United States of America. Whole world was interested in Bill Clinton’s involvement with¬†Monica Lewinskey. One strong personality emerged at this crucial moment and that was Hillary Rodham Clinton. After this particular incident, rest of the world also started knowing Hillary as a strong lady.

Hillary Clinton Biography

Let us take a look at biography of Hillary Clinton, once first lady of United States of America. In present time, the strongest contender of US presidential election. First is the word attached to her. She is the first first lady of US to be selected as USA senator in 2001. U.S secretary of state was her next achievement in 2009, which she served till 2013. She is the first women contender of any major political party for Presidential post in USA.

This is Hillary Clinton Biography in short of political career.

Hillary Clinton Biography Summary

Hillary Clinton Biography Summary

Birth Date of Hillary Clinton: October 26, 1947

Birth Place of Hillary: Chicago Illinois

Education Qualification of Hillary Clinton: She is law graduate from Yale University

Spouse: Bill Clinton, 1975, her mate from the law school days

Political career of Hillary Clinton: She started as first lady of United states of America from 1993 – 2001.

US senator: 2001 – 2009

Secretary of State: 2009 – 2013

This is the short biography summary of first female Presidential Candidate of US, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Biography Early Years

Maiden Name of Hillary Clinton : Hillary Diane Rodham

Father of Hillary: Hugh Rodham, Owner of a fabric store, which was doing quite well.

Mother of Hillary Clinton: Dorothy Emma Howell Rodham

Siblings: Hugh Jr and Anthony. Hillary is eldest of all siblings.

College and graduation of Hillary Rodham: Wellesley College

Further Qualification of Hillary Clinton: Yale Child Study Center

Marriage: She married her class mate and colleague in Law school Bill Clinton in 1975

Daughter: Chelsea Clinton, she was born in 1980.

Here is the brief listing of biography of early years of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has emerged out as a strong woman with lot of achievements in her life. Right from her college days she has been an active youth leader taking part in various campaigns. This activity later on took her to manage campaigns of some famous people, contending the elections. She has faced lots of controversies, allegations and issues with strength. Hillary Clinton has emerged out as strong woman and strong Presidential candidate for America.

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