Karva Chauth is heavily fantasized in Hindi movies. It has been a dream of every girl and boy to celebrate it with their beloved. The way girl keeps fast and the way boy teases her. Then, by the end of the day, she gets news that her guy has also observed Karva Chauth for her and everything gets emotional. And finally watching of the moon from the strainer, then doing Aarti Puja of husband, fiance or boyfriend. Everything is so very well expressed and made emotional in all Yash Chopra movies that so far it was festival only for North Indians, but now it is spread in all India to be celebrated with personal faith. We in Gujarat celebrate Vrat Savitri Punam, where we pray near a banyan tree for long life of the husband. Same way people from Bihar perform Tij Puja.

Why Vrat Savitri is celebrated?

Vrath Savitri is occasion specially celebrated in Gujarat and some other parts of India. It is considered as auspicious occasion for married woman.

What is done in Vrat Savitri vratha?

Married woman, who are also called as Suhagan dresses up like a typical bride dresses in Solah Sringaar. As per Hindu terminology, once a woman is married her Solah sringaar are complete with Sindoor in forehead and mangal sutra as a bridal tie. Ladies prefer to wear red or green saree to perform Puja of Vrat Savitri. First they perform pooja or their own husband by doing a tilak on forehead. They go to near by temple or vad (banyan tree), tie a thread across it, till the thread is over. Worship the banyan tree for long life of their husband and happy family. Ladies observe full day fast. In this vrat of Savitri poonam, they don’t even eat at night. People follow different norms as per the castes. Such as some family eat only one fruit during entire day. Some eat only fruits during the day. Some do falahar and some ladies don’t eat at all for whole day. Woman together read Vrath Savitri Katha. These are the basic rituals of Vrat Savitri.

What is Vrat Savitri Katha?

Savitri was a pious lady, who was married to Satyavan. Satyavaan life span was over and Yamraj came to take his life. Satyavan was dead and Savitri went after Yamraja to get her husband back. Yamraj requested her many times to go back, but she denied. At last Yamraj asked her to make a wish and go back. Savitri made a wish of her old in laws can watch her family and children family in their happy home. Yamraj said tathastu. As she was pativrata, one men woman, Yamraj made a big mishap by saying Tathastu. Now, he had to follow his words and leave Satyavan so that Savitri can have children from him and have happy family. This is the Katha of Vrath Savitri.

Drawing beautiful Mehndi designs on hands on the Vrath Savitri punam is also a ritual to mention the Saubhagya.

Wish all the family and female of the famillies a very  Happy Vrat Savitri Poonam. May all be blessed with love and light.


What is the reason behind celebrating festivals such as Karva Chauth in India,  in 2015?

The essence behind celebrating the festival of Karva Chauth in 2015 is also the same. For long life of husbands. In ancient India, Husband was considered as main earner and the person, who takes care of entire families, in terms of finances as well as taking care of their happiness. In turn wife has to take care of the entire family and keep them happy. Though today, living patterns have changed and both are working and supporting a family. But I still believe that feelings and emotions are still the same. As the system and thoughts are modernizing, our husbands are also changing. They are also keeping fast for the long life of their wives. In a way, they are increasing love and respect in the couple for each other.

Karva-Chauth in 2014

Our famous writer Chetan Bhagat has declared officially on his FB page that he is going to fast for his wife in this Karva Chauth in 2014.

What do woman do on the day of Karva Chauth in 2015?

They wake up early in the morning and have their Sargi. Sargi is a food and gifts sent by her Mother – in – law for her. After that she is not suppose to have anything throughout the day. Not even a glass of water. She has to do so till the moon is visible. During there waiting hours, they get together to read karwa chauth vrat katha. They prepare there aarti thaali and other rituals. In Hindu tradition, sol sangaar, means head to toe dressing of a married woman is necessary.

karwa Chauth celebrations in India

The ladies start preparing for Karwa Chauth for many days in advance. There is lots of shopping. Generally red Saree is preferred or now a days Salwar suit or Chania Choli are also allowed, but the most common thing is red color. It signifies auspiciousness and purity of a woman. She should wear everything, what an Indian Hindu Bride wears. Bindi, Mangalsutra and bangles are the must have in their entire dressing. It takes them lots of time to get ready for that particular day.


After the tough fast, of the whole day, when the moon rises, there is happiness everywhere. The whole family gathers at the terrace or lawn to celebrate the night. Wives perform puja of the moon. Offers water and aarti. She views the moon with a strainer with a diya on it and then watches her husband from the same strainer. After that her husband gives her first sip of water and in this way the day long fast is broken.

So romantic. With this changing time, I would only see positivity attached with our Indian festivals and I love the way they are celebrated. Such things are very much needed in day to day lives to maintain the bonds of love. Celebrate Karva Chauth in 2015 with lots of love and happiness.

Happy Karva Chauth to all the lovely ladies!!






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